Just A Mother [#Poetry]

Posted: January 16, 2017

She is many things – a poet, a writer, a career woman. But at the moment that she watches her tiny child playing near her, she is just a mother! 

Glittery words resonate in her thoughts

longing to dwell in the heart of many hearts,

she carries the specks of passion in her palms,

the ageing pages of her composition;

yes! yes! a terrific poet she is. A deserving one,

that glory, those celebrations,

no, no, she hasn’t forgotten that…

A terrific homemaker. A brilliant mother.

But, why has no one said that…?

Smile adorns her eyes

as she watches him gambol over there,

in the manicured garden, catching a few golden rays,

she turns around once again,

those ageing words and pages….

you will have to wait, she says.

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Surbhi Thukral is a new mother of a beautiful boy. Apart from being a doting

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  1. It’s very heartening to read this poem. Truly beautiful. Shweta Bansal

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