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Songs To My Unborn Child [#Poetry]

Posted: August 15, 2016

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Instilling a sense of freedom from stereotyping by gender begins early. Here is a mother telling her unborn child to be free and not be tied down by these!

Ode to the one I cannot see

I feel you inside
I feel you deep

A part of me, apart from me,
In only some time always with me,
You live because of me and soon the scene reversed it will be

I feel you inside
I feel you deep
A part of me, apart from me


My stomach has a beat
It lets me know
Its there, a reminder constant, I know
With racing pulse and throbbing heartbeat, I begin to show
It makes me smile just to think of the joy I’m about to know
With silver streak and wrinkles anew, tiger stripes all in tow,
The rising heat, with tempers to match, the bluish veins and saggy breasts, medals of honour for all to see and few to know ….
My stomach has a beat
It lets me know


Blue is your hue the world will say,
Make up your own mind my little bae

Engines will whir, muscles will ripple,
If you choose to ignore it shan’t be without peril

But go the distance my little one
And don’t pay heed

For soon you shall know
Only you can make you,
In thought and in deed


“Be a good girl I shall from saying, refrain
The price is too high and deep goes the pain
Be bold my darling, be kind all the same,
let not self worth you, confuse with vain

Be humble my darling, but head held high,

make a difference to those nigh

Let not your mind be shackled, may you be free to express
But beware my darling a world in duress

A thinker, a doer may you be
And challenging status quo,
become a hobby.
I’m always here for you my darling
May you a “good girl” never be.

Image source: shutterstock

Neha is a Professor of Mass Communication. An erstwhile Copywriter and Corporate communications specialist, she

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