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Her Flames Burned Like Wild Fire… [#ShortStory]

Single minded focus and a passion for the game is what drives sportspersons to excel. Here is a short story that is an ode to them. The celebrated and the unsung!


Single minded focus and a passion for the game is what drives sportspersons to excel. Here is a short story that is an ode to them. The celebrated and the unsung!

Her flames burned like wild fire… They said, “One day it will burn you down, the conflagration will destroy you!”

She was frightened. It let her enthusiasm fade momentarily. The disparaging remarks weighed her down. Her wings felt brutally chopped with the constant scepticism. Their maniacal laughter echoed in the background…

It unsettled her and evoked a sense of retaliation. She stood up and shook herself to let go of the venom that they had spit on her.

She had one single minded goal, to tirelessly pursue her passion. The determination and perseverance in her gaze uplifted her. The midnight oils burnt out but she didn’t stop. The bruises, injuries and pains didn’t deter her, instead she became increasingly adamant to chase her dreams.

It made her believe that her struggle was transient. Her means were limited, not her virtuosity. She held her fort with strength and not let it wobble. She marched ahead to lead from the front.

The applauding crowd and their loud cheer echoed in the ginormous stadium. The high intensity flood lights made her eyes twinkle and shine…

As she stood in the centre of the three–tiered rostrum. She felt surreal as she bowed her head to wear the medal.

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Tears rolled down her cheeks as her country’s national anthem was played in the background. The tri-colour flag was slowly raised at the backdrop of the five interlocking rings. These colourful rings have fuelled her fire within, for many many years…

She has finally proved what she has always believed in; the fire inside her did not burn her out or burn her down…  The blaze from the torch’s flame magnified her confident aura. The shining medal around her neck served as a befitting response to the ones who doubted her capabilities. Her fire within has set the sparks for a glorious journey ahead…

Author’s note:-This ode is dedicated to all sportspersons ~male or female, known or unknown who work tirelessly to fulfil their dreams. Medal or no medal, may their efforts and hard work never go unnoticed. Let’s cheer for their fighting spirit and the passion that they carry within. Let us not give up hope, instead stand in support of their burning desire. May our applaud overpower their setbacks and make them our undying Heroes…

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