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She Had A Dear Friend

Posted: March 28, 2019

She had a dear friend
Everyday they spoke for hours; every single day
She would speak and he would listen
He would speak and she would listen
Every single day
He spoke about his dreams, his aspirations, his life ahead
She listened to him patiently for hours.
Then she spoke about her dreams, her aspirations, their life together
And he would patiently listen to her
Until one day
When he spoke, she listened to him like any other day
Then she spoke, however he wasn’t there on the other side
There was only silence…

Silence that was daunting
The rattling noise of the air-conditioner ruthlessly cut through the silence
The pale white washed walls glared at her
The room felt chilly even while the sun outside was still soaring high
She felt withdrawn as she sensed a stranger coming closer to her
He kept his hands of assurance on her slender shoulders
He wore a warm smile and gestured her to relax and breathe easy
She felt less anxious, his touch brought in the calming effect
He said with his deep baritone, “I am here and I want to listen”
I want to listen to your stories, your friend and the stories that you two shared
She was hesitant, it felt like an encroachment to her personal space
He assured her not to feel threatened and that she can confide in him
She can tell him her secrets, her fears, her stories and he will listen patiently
His words had the sincerity that was very reassuring
Reluctantly she started talking; a word, a sentence and gradually all her stories
He scribbled on a white sheet of paper with his fountain pen
His handwriting looped and unclear, she couldn’t make out anything
There was a momentary pause

He took a breath, deep and heavy
Clearing his throat, he ensured her attention
He explained to her that she had a medical condition, a condition that is rare
The friend she had was not real but a figment of her imagination

He never was, never is and never will be
His words pierced her through and through, she felt the jolt as her bubble bursted
He handed over the piece of paper to her, scribbled with black ink and signed

That piece of paper lay a testimony to her crushing reality…

It read that she was diagnosed as schizophrenic


Image via Pixabay

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