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Voice of Anumita Bhattacharya

She Had A Dear Friend

A world in the mind, oblivious to the world outside! Do we care for those who suffer from mental conditions?

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Aimed It Right

What happend when Cupid strikes and you find the man of your dreams? The one who completes you...

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Indomitable power… [#Poetry]

The irony of it! While women are subjected to domestic abuse and girl children are killed in the womb itself, 'Durga' is celebrated as a symbol of woman power. 

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Her Flames Burned Like Wild Fire… [#ShortStory]

Single minded focus and a passion for the game is what drives sportspersons to excel. Here is a short story that is an ode to them. The celebrated and the unsung!

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Digging Deep For The Strength Inside… [#Poem]

Very familiar situation, isn't it? Especially when giving up can be so easy? Fight that inner demon, digging deep for strength, which is there all the time!

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A Mother Just Knows… [#Poem]

A mother child bond can sometimes transcend the ordinary. Here an adult daughter wonders how her mother just knows...

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Why Does That Gift You Gave Me Look Like That Which I Gave Them? (Short Story)

Gifting during festival times can often go around in a loop and give rise to hilarious situations! A short story by Anumita Bhattacharya Goel.

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Hanging Without A Trial: The Judgment Of Social Media

These days, we almost hang people without a trial in social media. We become the judge, jury, and executioner without really verifying the facts.

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Knotty Forty: On Turning 40

Turning 40, has its own perks. On turning 40, a woman has a life review with her head and heart, and this is what she finds.

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Mumbai Rains: A Real Life Experience With An Undeniable Presence

Ten years ago, almost to this day, the Mumbai rains brought the city to a standstill. Here's an account of one woman's rendezvous with what she believes was a special presence.

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A Story Of Deceit: Cockatiel And The Cock-a-doodle-doo

Here's a simple yet, touching story of deceit. A story that shows how some people can cheat a common man, like Mr. Gupta, and get away with it so easily.

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Wings Stretched Out [Short Story]

Here's a beautiful story of innocence, dreams and pain. A story that would want you to go and give Maya a hug. This is Maya's story.

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