A Mother Just Knows… [#Poem]

A mother child bond can sometimes transcend the ordinary. Here an adult daughter wonders how her mother just knows...

A mother child bond can sometimes transcend the ordinary. Here an adult daughter wonders how her mother just knows…

I sat by the wood-framed glass window and scribbled on the note pad with my looped handwriting,

I was listing down the things that I possibly wanted to gift Her… a wrist watch, a neck piece, a nice saree or a book may be…

Muddled by the choices, I realised that gifting has become way too mechanical and routine.

The day is special and so is She……

The usual ones didn’t strike a chord, I wanted something unusual

Not the ordinary, away from the clutter

It’s not for somebody or just about anybody;

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It is for Her,

She is the deepest connection I share.

After all, I started my journey holding Her hands and following Her footsteps

The bond that I share with Her grew over time; it became stronger, deeper and more meaningful

She encouraged me to be expressive, independent and courageous

She taught me not to fret the failures and rejections in life

She always highlighted the importance of being compassionate and kind

She is the calming soul in my blazing life

Her thoughts made me emotional, the eyes went moist as I felt a lump in my throat

Her thoughts evoked a sense of deep nostalgia

The clouds started to disappear from my foggy mind

The choices of gifting became simpler and un-ornamented

I wanted to give Her what I got from Her since the time I took my first breath…

She gave me her time, her support, her strength, unconditional love, undivided attention, happiness, laughter, togetherness … and much more…

I acknowledged the brevity of life and its fleeting nature…

No more wasting time, I said in my mind, as I shut the online shopping sites on my laptop

I rushed out of the house in excitement…

After a while…I rang the doorbell,

She opened the door, stood still and unruffled for a few seconds

The room light up with Her beaming smile and the shine around the corner of Her moist eyes

“I was yearning to be with you”…I said and hugged Her so tight until the scent of her body rubbed onto mine.

It is the best place to be in right now, a sense of security and warmth engulfed me as I felt like a newborn baby in Her lap.

She said with a streak of happiness, “I made your favourite dishes, go freshen up then lets eat together, I have been waiting for you… we have so much to catch up on … “

Taken by surprise, I ask- “But how did you know that I was coming over?”

Her face light up, with a smug, She said- “I know because….

“I am your Ma, your Mother…..”

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Image source: adult daughter and mother by Shutterstock.


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