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Aimed It Right

What happend when Cupid strikes and you find the man of your dreams? The one who completes you...

She had a wandering soul

It meandered around

Floating along the rivers

Gliding through the clouds

Scaling up the mountains,

Sauntering in the woods.

It wanted to be boundless

Not confined within the four walls

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Her moves were impetuous

She lived life with avidity

The obvious didn’t appeal to her

And then one day…

She was enchanted by the unconventional

He was restful, it calmed her restive soul

His persona left her spellbound

The magnetic attraction was intensified

As she enthusiastically bend down on her knees

To ask for his hand

He felt flattered with her gesture

Overwhelmed with joy, he embraced her

Their lives were entwined along with their destiny

And while their lives were transformed magically,

A young boy with wings, holding a bow and arrow

fluttered by….

This naked cherubic boy had a smile on his lips as opened his blindfold and winked

He knew, he aimed it right!


Image via Pixabay


About the Author

Anumita Bhattacharya

Artist▪️Scribbler▪️Gastronome▪️PhonePhotographer▪️Gallivanter▪️Cynophilist▪️Whimsical▪️Ambivert▪️ Impulsive ▪️Dreamer▪️Sucker for Romance ▪️Self Proclaimed Interior Designer ▪️Wears An Invisible Crown ▪️Work In Progress... Creates art and scribbles as "Chidiyyaa" https://www.facebook.com/chidiyyaa read more...

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