You Are Beautiful! [Poem]

Posted: May 25, 2016

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Beauty cannot be defined, nor can it be contained. It comes from within, and this beauty can come in every body size. 

Hello you, yes I’m talking to you,
the girl who strives to fit into the norm
of the conventional definition of ‘beauty’
being passed along since the times of your grand mom!

You refuse your favorite food
and wear loose clothing to hide
your gorgeous curves as you feel you’re “fat”,
feeling dull and unwanted, you sigh.

Let me tell you how wrong you are
in succumbing to defined terms
because ‘beautiful’ cannot be confined
to just a certain physical form.

You don’t need to fit into that skirt
that you saw in the magazine
in order to be called ‘attractive’,
please trust me on this, darling.

Beauty is too liberal and free
to be caged to a specific definition.
Open your eyes, see how beautiful you are
when you choose to shed your inhibitions.

It doesn’t matter what society says,
all you have to do is love yourself
to see that beauty comes in all sizes
unlike what’s taught by media sources.

When you run in the fields or swim in the ocean
and your body glistens with sun and sand,
being beautiful is taking in all those moments
and making the most of the life you have.

Your ‘big feet’ travelling the world is beautiful
and your ‘stodgy hands’ helping the needy is beautiful.
Beauty is within and around you
and in the joy you bring by just being ‘You’.

Beauty lies in the nooks and crannies
of your ‘love handles’ and your ‘muffin top’.
Because beauty doesn’t like to be chained
only in glamorous pictures that are photoshopped.

Beauty lies in your smile and your wrinkles,
your stretch marks and your double chin,
in your sacrifices and your fearlessness,
and your generous heart beating softly within.

Beauty is as vast as the Universe
then how can you fit it in just one size?
You are perfect the way you are–
Believe in that and now go Shine!

Live life to the fullest, spread love, laugh hard,
leave a mark with your loving deeds.
You’ll see how gorgeous life is
when you bring forth the beauty that lies within.

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Image source: plus sized young woman by Shutterstock.

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