6 Myths People Harbor About Big Sized Girls. Winning Entry By Shuchi Singh Kalra For The KAARYAH Writing Contest

There are many stereotypes about plus sized women prevalent. Which of these 6 mythical stereotypes do you believe in?

There are many stereotypes about plus sized women prevalent. Which of these 6 mythical stereotypes do you believe in?

This month, we invited you, our readers, to participate in the writing contest sponsored by KAARYAH. You had to write a story either fiction/real, in response to the cue: “Beautiful in every size”.

Here is the first winning entry, by Shuchi Singh Kalra. Shuchi wins a gift voucher from KAARYAH worth Rs 2500. KAARYAH offers wardrobe solutions for all body types.

6 Myths People Harbor About Big Sized Girls

What goes through your mind when you see a rather large woman walking by? If it is one or more of these things, you may be judging too much and too soon! Also, you need a plus-sized reality check.

She has the appetite of an ogre
Well, she might love her cupcakes and pizzas, but she’s not likely to be any more gluttonous than the next person. People can be plus-sized for a variety of reasons, and overeating is rarely the primary one.

She surely isn’t getting laid
Whaddya know? Being big and having a vibrant time between the sheets aren’t mutually exclusive. For every bunch of prejudiced guys, there will be one who craves larger-than-life curves. Ever heard of BBW?

She can’t possibly be fit and healthy
There are unhealthy obese people, just as there are unhealthy skinny people. We know of big girls who are sportswomen (Louise Green), marathon runners (Krista Henderson and Leah Gilbert), and dance instructors (Farah Khan and Geeta Kapoor). All fit, glowing with health and living life to the hilt!

She can’t carry off a sexy outfit
Umm, have you seen Adele, or Tess Holliday, or Melissa McCarthy, or Mindy Kaling, or Jill Scott, or our homegrown Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi and Vidya Balan? The list of sexy, stylish plus-sized women can run into miles. Want more “real” examples for evidence? Check out these supersized fatshionistas and wait for your sartorial jaws to hit the floor.

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She must be desperate for a man
There are big women who’ve never been single since their teens and there are others who stay single out of choice. You may not know it, but most curvy ones exude enough charm to have men queuing up after them. And no, they will not settle for any crumbs thrown their way.

She lacks self-confidence
Just because her size bothers you, doesn’t mean it bothers her as much. She’s happy being her magnanimous self, wearing what she likes, doing her thing with spunk and chasing her dreams while you wonder, “Oh poor girl. She’s so fat!”

Women’s Web and KAARYAH congratulate Shuchi Singh Kalra on her win!

Image source: plus sized woman by Shutterstock.


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