Beautiful In Every Size: A Writing Cue With KAARYAH

Participate in this writing contest supported by KAARYAH. Share what 'Beautiful In Every Size' means to you, and win prizes.

Participate in this writing contest supported by KAARYAH. Share what ‘Beautiful In Every Size’ means to you, and win prizes.

Think about size. Is small always beautiful? No. Beautiful can be of any size.

Beautiful, here, need not be about the standard idea of bodily beauty. It could be inner beauty. It could be the beauty of new life – tiny in its size, but huge in its potential. It could be the beauty of a child who might be what is called an ‘old soul’ – someone who shows a promise and achievement beyond the years. A short, succinct phrase can often convey a meaning that might not really come across in a longer sentence.

It works the other way too. Many swear by the larger format of a test match, as against the T20 format that finishes much too soon – though that certainly has its own excitement.

It need not be the extremes of small or big either! An ordinary, everyday experience of life might conceal multitudes of beauty within, which might not be in a supposedly extraordinary one.

Women come in all sizes and shapes. It is not necessary that standard sizes in clothes available in the market fit all. This is the ordinary urban Indian woman’s experience – difficulties in finding a brand of clothes that fit her, on account of being a pear-shaped/tall willowy type/stocky body type. (You may consider your own body type here). You find that it is difficult to find clothes that fit you, which you need to get tailored every time, the effort eating into your already busy schedule.

Now imagine that there comes a brand that takes care of all these problems. They also offer mix-n-match options and options specific for your measurements. Won’t you want to explore them for wardrobe possibilities?

KAARYAHKAARYAH has a solution for all these problems – they offer wardrobe solutions for all body types.

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So what does our writing cue, “Beautiful in every size” suggest to you? Let your imagination take you places. Put on your writing hat and pen down your thoughts. It could be fiction/nonfiction/essay/poetry/personal experience – anything.


  • Use the writing cue “Beautiful in every size.”
  • Word limit of 250 to 2000 words
  • Last date to submit: Wednesday, 20th April 2016.
  • Please submit fresh writing that has not been published elsewhere; once the results are out here, if your story is not selected, you can re-submit it elsewhere.

Send your story to [email protected] with #KaaryahWritingCue in the subject line.


3 winners from among the entries will be chosen as winners. These will be published on Women’s Web. They shall also receive a gift voucher from Kaaryah worth Rs 2500 each.

So what are you waiting for? Do not forget to send in your entry by April 20th 2016, Wednesday.

Do visit KAARYAH to find the perfect option that works in your size! You can also follow them at Facebook or via Twitter.


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