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What Is It, To Be A Teenage Feminist? [Poem]

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Teenagers today are growing up in a world completely alien to yesterday’s aunties and uncles. So – what is it to be a teenage feminist in today’s world?

What is it, to be a teenage feminist?
To be a 21st-century specimen
loaded with a sharp tongue
and a quick reflex to the word:

it bears deep within my skin,
like a harsh cut made by no other
than an outspoken aunty,
laughing at my face,
laughing at the thousand other girls, trying to love themselves.
Or an oblivious uncle, to whom all words relating to a girl
are nothing but taboos, to be kept safe inside,
like a girl in a womb, never to come out.

What is it, to be toyed with?
To be looked over, left unconsidered,
all because to them, a mind play of a few biological fluids
hinders my emotional and intellectual ability
to critically analyse, and to make sense.

I know, I am not a mature adult.
But I am not a naive child either,
I am a teenager, a person of choice,
Choice of identity, of faith, of ability,
and a choice of equality.
And that’s all that matters.

Image source: teenage feminists by Shutterstock.

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