The Art Of Being Happy: 7 Ways To Be A Happy Woman

We all want to be happy. Here our writer suggests seven ways to lead a happier life. Try them. They might just change your life.

We all want to be happy. Here our writer suggests seven ways to lead a happier life. Try them. They might just change your life.

Being happy is your birthright. Everything that we do, we are consciously or unconsciously, wanting to be happy. Being happy is no rocket, just like anything else, it needs some discipline. Here are a few ways, I found very helpful in leading a good life.

Do sleep well

No matter how old you are, I cannot emphasise the magic of a good sleep over the body. I had a roommate, who would wake up at 6 am to hit the gym, left for work at 8 am, travelled two hours to work, reached back at 8 pm, then from 9 am to 1 am she would talk to her fiancée, who was in Hyderabad. Know what she looked perpetually tired. And there would be a kind of irritation that always followed her. She would come home and we would leave her alone. That is what lack of sleep does to you. If you take those needed hours of sleep, it will do wonders to your mood. I have learnt that staying awake till 5 am in the morning and then sitting to work at 9 am, just took away my sharpness at work. A good sleep means a rested body and an alert mind.

Damn the news

Try not watching the news or the television at all. Give yourself a break of 7 days. Whatever you are watching on the news channel, is unconsciously filling your mind. Your mind has become the dumping zone of all form of negativity. Stop feeding yourself hate. Trust me, with social media you will know, what’s happening around in your newsfeed. Even better go television free, for 7 days and see how calm you feel. I have completely gone Television free; I am a much happier and a calmer person.

Dump the toxic people

I cannot tell you enough what letting go of toxicity does to your mind, body and soul. It’s like saying adieu to cancer. Nothing, I repeat, nothing does as good to your body and mind as letting go of toxic relationships. I have a very close friend who is going through a very bad divorce. I know, he is broken into pieces and no one knows how long this case will continue. Whenever we talk, we have a good conversation and sometimes he shares his situation. Recently as I was talking to him, he told me something I was unaware of. I told him that he did not tell me that, what he told me made me stand up. He said, “ Paro it is unfair to you, if I always talk about the negativity. I don’t want you to be my toxic dump. I talk to you about my divorce but each day if I keep talking about it, it’s not just to you.” That is the day I realized the difference between friends and toxic people. Friends love you, toxic people need you. Infact toxic people somehow can’t see anything but themselves. They are there to fulfil their own needs. It does not matter, if they call you a soul sister, sister from another mother or so on, if someone just begins the conversation about the wrongs in their lives and ends it, with the same suffering, darling something is terribly wrong.

Don’t wait to prove that you are a good person. I did. I fell ill. Trust that everyone can take care of themselves. You can be a support, but trust me trying to be a hero/martyr/ saviour is a self appointed, self defeating role. We can talk to people. We cannot change them, until they want it from within. Watch out people who want to change. They will change their behaviour and actions. They are people you can support. And there are people who will complain of an abusive relationship day in and day out but will do nothing to walk away or change it.

Peace in relationships came to me, when I started treating everyone as an adult and respecting the choices they have made. I accepted the limitation that I am no God, I might be wrong or right but in this huge Universe everyone has their rights to make mistakes and learn from them. This is their own pact with The Universe; I have learnt to respect it.

This realization settled many scores and I have become such a healthy person. I smile a lot now. My roommate calls me “Miss smiling face.”

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Bid gossiping and complaining adieu

We complain way too much and gossip too or listen to it. In this process, we feed ourselves with a lot of negativity. It’s like we have many doors, whichever door we open, it brings in the guests that are waiting outside. Not all guests mean good to you. If you are opening doors to gossips and complaining, that is what your life will reflect. Go without complaining or listening to any gossip for 21 days, the rewards will be amazing, that is something I know for sure. I completely shut the complaining and gossiping door. This did so good to my well being.

Write your gratitude journal

There is always something to be grateful about. Always. You might be broke, you might be sick, you might be heartbroken, yet you still have something to be thankful about. Now that you are reading this article on a computer with the connectivity and electricity is itself a reason to be thankful about. Each morning write five things that you are grateful about and do with feelings. If you can’t feel, just fake it till you make it. Creation begins on what you focus on. If you are focusing on being grateful, you will have more to be grateful about. That is the law of the Universe.

Create a vision board

First take out a notebook, a real one with paper not on your phone or laptop. Write what you want from life. Write exactly what you want. Don’t be shy. Just write it. Take out pictures from the Internet, which resonates with the life that you want. Either print them and create a board you can see everyday or keep them on your phone for you to flip through everyday. Give it your time and attention, it will not only start manifesting, but you will start resonating to the happier frequencies in the Universe.

Focus on what is good for you and good will manifest.

Treat yourself as a blessing

This was the best piece of advice I ever heard. I attended a life class once in Delhi. At that point in life, I was the saddest woman, I ever knew. Honestly, no one would have wanted to spend too much of time with me then. Those who did, I am grateful. In this life class, the teacher taught us one simple thing. Treat yourself as a blessing. That is what you are. I was confused. The teacher held my hand and said that, treat yourself the way you treat someone you love. That point I was going through heartbreak too. I thought how tenderly I treated the other person. I treated him as a blessing, but treated myself so unfairly, with criticism and beating myself down forever. My teacher just told me to reverse the process. She said, treat yourself as you treat him. And fake the feeling till you make it. That I guess changed the game. I will never forget this one line. It almost turned all the tables!

These 7 wsays are not rocket science. Anyone can do it anywhere. These are steps to live a fulfilled life. Your suffering is not contributing to the world. The world needs happier people for it to thrive. Most importantly, you deserve to be happy. You are here to be happy. The Sun always rises for you, the season changes, the night falls, the rain falls and the wind blows. This Universe is here to support you and no matter where you are, the day you decide to be happy and lead a better life, it will support you. Trust me you are that special. Bless yourself and bless the world. You are here as a blessing, don’t turn yourself to be a suffering manual, which no one wants to read.

You are as important to the Universe as the mountains, planets and the stars are. You are created with the same magic dust as the stars. You deserve the same light. In short, you are here to be happy and nothing is more important than your happiness.

Try these 7 ways for 21 days. Your life will start changing. You can ask, why 21 days, for whatever you do for 21 days becomes a habit. Make happiness your habit. A happy person creates a happy family, then a society and then the world. You are that important to the world.

Stay happy!

P.S: If you are reading this piece, the Universe brought you here because it wants you to be happy! Yes, you are that important to the Universe.

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