A Broke Girl’s Cheat Sheet To Be A Fashionista In Delhi

A broke girl from Delhi writes how she manages to look fashionable each time. Here is where she shops.

A broke girl from Delhi writes how she manages to look fashionable each time. Here is where she shops.

If there is one thing you will notice about Delhi, it is that- it is a loud city. The city is loud in every sphere and Dilliwallahs love to put up a good show. Big cars, bigger houses and newer fashion trends. Each time, I enter a mall, I wonder if India is actually a developing country. Just a few days ago, as I was window shopping in a big brand shop (poor me) a lady just infront of me got two Sarees for 1.75 lakhs, without batting an eyelid. And over the years, I have seen many doing it. But then Delhi has girls like me too, who can’t give away so much of money to look fashionable. Over the years, I have figured a way to look fashionable, even in a budget. Oh! Trust me it’s not too difficult.

Here are 3 places you can shop in a tight budget in Delhi yet you can walk out as a fashionista. Oh! I have all the experiences making heads turn and none of my clothes are expensive.

Lajpat Nagar Market

It’s actually called Central Market. But before anything, I warn you it is always crowded. Always. Anytime of the day, you will have people all around you and loud voices haggling for price. But don’t worry, it’s your gateway to fashion. Also, it has those branded shops that you find in the Malls. If you have the money, please go. If not, hang on. There are many small shops that offer you great stuff at a low price. Don’t forget to check out, the open air shops. You might love the dresses they sell, that too at a throwaway price.

If you are buying jewelry, mostly junks, check the small shops between the bylanes. I assure you, it’s worth a kill. Those pieces of jewelry will go in any form of clothes. I have got a few pieces for the wedding seasons, and lord knows, I got all the Aunties interested in them. You get a whole range of jewelry. Starting from Rs 20 to Rs 500. From office wear to party wear, just go for it.

I bought a nice dress for Rs 250 in the summers, and that worked very well for two lunches. If you are a girl like me who gets too many invitations, yet the bank balance does not really allow you to shop rich, don’t worry. You can still look great. Hit central market. Infact, you can get your undergarments from here too. Affordable and comfortable. Will talk about it in a different post.

Also, this is the place to buy affordable sarees and suits. Buy my word. They are really good.

Sarojoni Nagar

Oh darling, if you have not visited Sarojoni Nagar, you have missed a Universe of fake brands, which looks as good as the originals. Also, some real good second-hand stuff. So, you need to go to a five-star hotel to attend a meeting, wait don’t panic. Take the metro to AIIMS metro station and then an auto to Sarojoni Nagar. Remember if you are the broke girl, metro is cheaper and faster. Anyways, so once you step in Sarojini, it is a broke girl’s paradise. You have those small stalls that sell everything, that the designers will sell you for a few thousands. But these shops will give you in a few hundreds and if you haggle, you can get it even cheaper.

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Go to Sarojini for party wears. You have my word, you can buy a skirt, a top and a pair of shoes for a 1000 bucks and look like million dollars. Trust me no one can make it out. Also, you can get your T-Shirts, pyjamas, chappals and everything you need to use at home. The price of a T-Shirt is Rs. 100 and Pyjamas for Rs 100 to Rs. 200. That way you can buy those bright clothes (sober if you choose, to wear at home. So, on home front and party front Sarojoni will sort you out.  Also for shoes, I got a pair of boots for 400 bucks, and they look exactly like the ones in those showrooms. If you really want to have more options, you can buy more. If you haggle, you get 3 pairs of boots for 1000 bucks.

And also get those wonderful sweaters for Rs 200 and mufflers for Rs. 100 or Rs 200. Ofcourse there are suits and jackets too. You can absolutely check them out.


Oh! Janpath has a class of its own. Ofcourse we all know, who stays at 10 Janpath. But then if you go to the market, it’s another story all together. You get everything in the market. Personally I have a deep love for the long flowing skirts that they sell and the cotton tops. Summers they are a kill. The typical Indian juttis and purses are something you would not want to miss. Also, if you have any foreign exchange, you have many shops that will do it for you. If you are a broke girl and have anyone living abroad, who gives you some foreign currencies, you can happily exchange them here. And then shop.

The best part of shopping in Janpath is the handicraft items. Even if it costs you a little more, get a  Kurta, skirt or a top that has some hand work over it. You will never regret it. I harp often on a handicraft white top, something every woman, I think should have. But do haggle.

Also, you can buy a lot of jewelry. I have a special fascination for the necklaces they sell. They are so unique, you will make heads turn each time you wear one. Ofcourse you can pick a wide range of  earrings from there too.

And do flaunt them, the next time you go somewhere.

These are 3 places I recommend each broke girl to shop, being one myself.

There is nothing wrong or right wearing an expensive dress or jewelry, but if you cannot afford one, you still can look fashionable, if you know to shop right. But one word of caution, never buy cheap make up. It will spoil your skin. Always go for the good ones. You can always take off your dress but not your skin. Don’t compromise on safe quality make-up.

Yes, there are other markets like Pallika or Kamla Nagar market that too are on my list of buying affordable stuff, but I will take you to that part of the city in another post. If you are a broke girl, do visits these 3 markets and walk out as a Diva.

One last piece of advice, from a broke girl- I have walked in classy places wearing absolutely inexpensive dresses, but what makes one really worth a look, is confidence. No matter what you wear, hold your head high, click your heel, clutch your purse and walk like a queen, you will be treated as one. This is something as a broke girl, I know for sure. Most importantly, never be apologetic about your presence, it does not matter you are wearing, but matters is who you are. And you know that you are fabulous!

This is my cheat sheet for fashion in Delhi, if you have yours, do share with us in the comment section.

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