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How We Can Look At Life As A Game Of Slopes

Posted: January 2, 2016

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Could we look at life as a game of slopes – a series of pre-destined slopes, where all one needs to do is maintain speed, temperament and attitude as per the gradient!

Life – a way more overwhelming experience than its 4-letter meanness.  It is a journey which is ideally meant to enjoy, and which we apparently do (as per our vivid Facebook profiles), but with a hidden agenda.

An agenda of reaching ‘Our Niche’. A niche which has our dream house, dream education for our kids, the dream diet plan, the dream ‘spirituality’ and so on…

Something which initially start as goals during our youth years, become rushed ambitions as ‘life’ merged into middle age and if still not achieved, just unfulfilled desires towards the end.

So what are these slopes we speak about?

The tough but upward moving



This one is obviously the difficult climb. However the end of it is a point higher than where we start.

A positive attitude, patience and strong will/’legs’ will make sure we reach the top, not tired; but with bursting energy to enjoy the new heights our perseverance had led us to reach.

The End not in sight



This slope are those most challenging phases of our lives where the climb is ‘breath taking’ literally; with no end in sight. The climb is so steep that the end of it is hardly visible.

All the positive thinking books we might have ever read, or motivational sermons attended, are put to test during this slope.

If we keep our strengths up during this one, the rewards at the end of the walk would be truly fulfilling.

The Straight Trot



This is the walk which comes after we have overcome slope 1 or slope 2. The Walk of Normalcy. No extra efforts needed. Just walk and enjoy the heights achieved.

The Yahoo Slope


There are also times when life brings us to slopes which are a lot of fun! The ride is extremely easy; so easy that we feel like God’s special people. We zip and zoom through this ride. The catch here is to maintain a controlled temperament while enjoying the thrill this ride has to offer. The control would help us to get back to work once the ride has ended.

All our lives, comprise of these slopes with varying gradient and length.

For some the exhilaration and thrill might last a day or a year, and for some it might last most of their life.

The consolation is that these slopes are sort of pre-decided by destiny or Karma.

However it is on us to judge at what gradient our life is currently at, and play along accordingly!

Image source: young girl student by Shutterstock.

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