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As this year is about to end, we talk about the best Bollywood movies in 2015 for every woman. Each movie is so beautifully crafted that the characters seem one amongst us.

As this year is about to end, we talk about the best Bollywood movies in 2015 for every woman. Each movie is so beautifully crafted that the characters seem one amongst us.

If we look back at Bollywood this year, we can clearly see that it was the women who rocked the boat, made statements and earned the critical acclaim – and money too. 2015 truly belonged to the actresses of Bollywood, who dared to step out of the stereotypical Hindi film heroine mode.

Though most of the leading men stuck to the 100 crore club, it’s the women who dared to rise beyond the box office. Here are 5 movies from 2015, we recommend every woman to watch.

NH 10

In a very candid conversation with film critic Anupama Chopra, Anushka Sharma says that the only reason she ever decided to produce NH 10 was because no one else would do; a movie where the protagonist is a woman, who hits men with rods. She produced, acted and took us by storm.

Watch NH 10 for Anushka’s performance and the brutal story that she carried through on her shoulder. Who said that women danced and men had all the action in Hindi movies? Watch Anushka Sharma smoke and hit the goons with an iron rod. This movie will stay with you for a long time.


With all her recent releases Deepika Padukone has grown to be a brilliant actress. This year, she took our hearts away with Piku, the single woman with an aging father. Deepika not only held her fort against actors like Irfan Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, but carried her role so beautifully, that she felt one among us.

More power to Deepika and the choices of movies she has been making.

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Take a dip at the Ganges with Richa Chadda as she takes a journey caught between morality and human needs. The story begins with Richa Chadda and her lover caught making love in a hotel of Varanasi. Though grim at the surface, Masaan will take you through hope and redemption.

Though everyone was brilliant in this movie, but it is Richa Chadda who walks away with the laurels. A must watch.

Margarita with a Straw

Do people with who are differently abled also have desires like others? Ofcourse they do. In our society, we seem to forget or ignore it. Margarita With A Straw deals with this delicate issue of a girl suffering from cerebral palsy, who is played by Kalki Koechlin.

Watch this movie for Kalki, her journey from Delhi to New York, from desire to love. It will leave your heart warm and may be you will see life from a different lens.

Angry Indian Goddesses

This movie is a tale of 7 women. A story that celebrates sisterhood between women. Everything about Angry Indian Goddesses is so real, that it seems straight out of our living rooms. It is about women like you and me, at the crossroads of modernity and traditional identities.

Watch this movie for the stellar performances and the bond of sisterhood that one woman can have with another.

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