The Grass Always ‘Seems’ Greener On The Other Side!

Some lives seem perfect. But perhaps we do not see the hidden unhappiness of people's lives?


Some lives seem perfect. But perhaps we do not see the hidden unhappiness of people’s lives?

I beheld her power at the workplace,
And gazed at that authoritarian charm on her face.
I saw her snapping orders at her juniors,
Walking haughtily around, with no trace of fear.

Every time I saw the efficacious her,
From a twinge of jealousy I used to suffer.
Her aura of success wounded me,
I kept on thinking, like her can I ever be?

With hers, I started comparing my life,
And to be her, I incessantly thrived.
Life started becoming a misery as nothing was going my way,
While she was reaching new heights day by day.

And then abruptly she stopped coming to office,
To tell you the truth, her presence I really did miss.
She was hospitalized, I came to know,
After hearing that, to meet her I had to go.
There she was lying on the hospital bed,
Crippled, bruised and almost half dead.
The truth that surfaced made my head blow,
Apparently her husband was her biggest foe.
By her success at work, I was always blinded,
Never realized that a monster she might have wed
At work she was conquering mountains steep,
But back home she was in an abusive relationship.
And then my eyes snapped wide open,
For all that I have, I thanked God a ton.
I thanked God for all the blessings in my life,
And swore to myself that to have someone else’s life, I will never ever strive.
So next time when you think someone has a perfect life and nothing to hide,
Think twice and remember my friend – Grass always ‘seems’ greener on the other side!
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