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Posted: November 4, 2012

Mitt-RomneyWe found a variety of interesting reads this week. What have you been reading this week?

Jim Yardley, the South Asia Bureau Chief of The New York Times, writes about India’s traditional silence about rape.

Here’s a funny and unfortunately accurate ‘Republican Party’s Rape Advisory Chart’. Zerlina writes on the constant talk about rape by Republican men from the perspective of a rape survivor.

News channels and websites, and social media extensively covered Hurricane Sandy this week. But why are journalists and scientists calling Sandy a “bitch”, or a “whore”? Is Talking about storms like promiscuous women a symptom of a misogynist culture?

Jill Filipovic a blogger at Feministe, comments on a controversial article about the “conflict” between housewifery and feminism.

Here’s a comical account of Kit-Bacon Gressitt, a feminist who was invited to make promotional calls for the Romney-Ryan campaign. Kit also cannot understand how women can vote for Romney.

Laura Beck at Jezebel hilariously recaps 52 ridiculous weight-loss tips a magazine recently released.

Women who work and have kids are “working mothers”. Why aren’t fathers with jobs called “working dads”, wonders Ken Gordon.

One of the few remaining vestiges of institutional misogyny and torpid conservatism can be seen in the armed forces of most countries,” says Jaideep Prabhu,  doctoral student at Vanderbilt University.

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  1. Thank you for the mentions!

  2. It is really sad to hear such kind of news and treating women as less or inferior in the male dominated world. Its still strange that still some women are not moving according to the generation.

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