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Women’s Web: Pick of the Week

Posted: September 17, 2012

The Women’s Web Pick of the week this time has a focus on “concepts” – concept of real women, concepts of what a good feminist should be like, concepts of social acceptability, especially for women…

Check out these links that we found interesting this week:

In her post on Ultraviolet, Shreya Sen describes the issues that come with being feminist online, especially in the age of social media.

feminist conceptsIsha Singh Sawney writes about the ever-present conflict between feminism and waxing. Do you think the two are inherently contradictory?

We are constantly bombarded with images and ideas about “real women”, what they are like, what they should be like. But aren’t the rest of the women who don’t fit into these concepts real women too? Chelsea Fagan writes about this in her article on Thought Catalog.

Eman Al Nafjan, of Saudiwoman’s Weblog, talks about how the prohibition of women from driving infringes on their right to dignity.

Psych Babbler writes about how disliking her grey hair made her realise that judging someone for doing something you disapprove of comes easily, but you can catch yourself doing the same thing and standing in the other person’s shoes soon.

Different people want different things, but women who declare they don’t want to get married or have kids often face social recriminations and derision. How do we deal with that?

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