On Disability And Inclusion

A bouquet of Women’s Web stories on disability and inclusion in India.

Out there are two sets of people – the haves and have nots. But the distinction has nothing to do with money. It has to do with being different. And having unique needs.

A little empathy is all they need to feel their rightful sense of place on earth.

This time, I bring you a bouquet of Women’s Web stories on disability and inclusion. They are stories that warm the cockles of your heart, seize your imagination, and stir your thoughts, but most importantly, celebrate diversity.

Because it takes all kinds of people to make this world.

disability and inclusion in IndiaSpecial and not-so-special children

Compare and Contrast. How often have we answered that one at school – to emphasise the distinction between two people, situations or ideas. Sadly, we apply it all the while to our real lives too, often at the dire price of empathy.

Hip Grandma exhorts the reader, especially parents, to refrain from the bane of comparison. Simply because a child is less gifted or differently abled doesn’t make her/him any the less worthy of love.

When your child is “different”

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Remember the famously poignant ‘Khayal Karna’ scene in Taare Zameen Par?

This post, like the movie, is an earnest plea to all well-meaning folks – Stop mixing parental aspiration with concern!

Parents with disability

Two physically challenged parents share their heart-warming stories to demonstrate that disability does not – and should not – preclude the joys of parenting.

Teaching Special Children

What does it take to stay put in a job where the rewards are delayed, the work – emotionally depleting, and success, an elusive butterfly?

Four passionate women share their thoughts on a career in special education.

Working Towards Inclusion

“Somehow, it is really not about having special places for special people. That would be racism of a sort, wouldn’t it? It is about being able to share the whole world with them.”

An eloquent post from Anita Iyer Narayan who documents the evolution of EKansh, a Pune-based initiative for the assimilation of People with Disabilities into the mainstream.

Where Every Child Can Play

It all began with a single question.

Kavitha Krishnamoorthy on her unique calling – to empower children with disabilities through inclusive public spaces.

Being Niharika’s Mother

The incredible personal journey of a mother whose daughter, a child with special needs, taught her more about life and parenting than anyone else could.

Loaded with honesty and perspective, Renuka’s post instantly strikes a chord with anyone who comes into its orbit.

Why Women Need To Ally With The LGBT Cause

This post is a compelling call for change in our warped gender attitudes (and their grotesque manifestations) towards the LGBT folks.

Because true worth has got nothing to do with an individual’s sexual preference.

A Son Like Krishna

The story of a mother coming to terms with her son’s alternate sexuality has been a rather popular post on Women’s Web charts.

Simply because it tugs at the core of the LGBT argument – Acceptance at a fundamental level.

Enjoy reading!


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