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Women’s Web: Pick Of The Week

Posted: May 27, 2012

Explore the exquisite magic of Alcohol Ink Art. You will learn how to make beautiful abstract art, patterns like ripples and ridges. Learn Alcohol Ink art with Piyusha Vir

The diary of Mrs. Benjamin Franklin, a film festival where the women go missing, and trigger-happy tweeters – Come, plunge into this edition of our stories from the web!

What constitutes the Real Woman?

“Listening to them one would think that the DIL was a novice and needed to be given directions even for managing day to day affairs. But I knew better.” – Hip Grandma’s is an unusual post on a Mother-in-law/Daughter-in-law bonding.

“If we insist on our kids kissing every ‘uncle’ or ‘aunty’ when they do not want to, or ignore a child’s discomfort when he or she has to endure unwelcome hugs, we are giving them the wrong messages.” – Breaking the silence on CSA.

‘Smitten’ by Ranjit Lal explores the same issue in its many aspects. A review by Mad Momma.

“It would be boring if it weren’t so incredibly outrageous. Every time a female being reports molestation there is always that someone who knows exactly why it’s all a lie (and why it’s all her fault)” – The Tweet with an Attitude.

“Rise, wash Ben’s clothing, feet, and ass; powder Ben’s wig; chop wood for cooking breakfast…” – A hilarious, behind-the-scenes look at the life of a great man.

“I feel there is something retrogressive when in 2012 we are still looking at women in dresses, and listening to men about their directorial qualities.” – Arts and the absent women

Some Zen for the homemaker – 10 tips to a mindful home.

And finally, a fun link – 500 years of female portraits in Western art (video)

*Photo credit: incurable hippie (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)

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