women with disabilities
Why Can’t Women With Disabilities Have Emotional, Sexual Needs Or Want Marriage & Motherhood?

Women with disabilities are not expected to have the same feelings and needs, both bodily and socially, as those without. A bitter truth.

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Good Mom, Bad Mom? Neither. I’m Just A Working Mom To A Non-Verbal Child With Autism…!

My non-verbal 14 year old was crying, and I couldn't make out what was bothering her. I was also a working mom with commitments to my clients...

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5 Motherhood Challenges For Special Needs Children In India
disability and motherhood

Exploring challenges faced by Indian mothers of special needs children, seeking awareness, support, and hope for a more inclusive future.

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How I Learnt To Deal With A ‘Grumpy’ Special Child While Keeping My Sanity Intact!

That day, I felt very successful as a mom by allowing my daughter to be grumpy and not be affected by her behaviour. I cannot actually explain it adequately in words, but I feel a sense of pride within me.

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ADHD In Indian Women: The Hidden Spectrum
ADHD In Indian Women

When I was, I told I don't have ADHD, because I was not hyper enough! The non-violent, never-seated-still, feet tapping girls, assemble!

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4 Workplace Changes To Empower Persons With Disabilities As Active Contributors, Not Just Beneficiaries

Workplaces have to go beyond looking at Persons with Disabilities as "beneficiaries" of policy change. The focus needs to be on empowering these employees to be active contributors to society.

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