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Posted: July 8, 2012

Studies and statistics on women at work, a woman who turned her passion into a flourishing business, battling sexual harassment in public spaces – get to know what’s been happening in the world of women this week!

What keeps Indian women at work from moving up the corporate ladder? This news piece on IBN live is an indicator that certain unsaid rules about women and their domestic duties needs to undergo some drastic change.

In other heartening news Facebook declared Sheryl Sandberg as its first Woman Director. Good news though it is, let’s hope to see more women at the top in all industries! 

Devanshi Patel, a student of Stanford University writes about Generating Women’s Leadershipwhich she rightly describes as a global problem. A brief and informative analysis of statistics in the article but what strikes as a keynote for all to take away is conveyed in her concluding consolation- “So while some more time and awareness (as well as some friendly nudges, like this infographic) may be needed for women to penetrate the exclusive walls of mainstream media, we can harness the power that we do hold, in the form of social media, in order to make sure we are no longer unheard.”

The decline in the sex ratio became apparent in the 2001 census. Since then, many steps have been implemented to control the decline. Things have got worse, however, and this raises questions on the effectiveness of policies and implementation of law.” Indeed something to give thought to, according to a comprehensive report on female child – hatred in the Fountain Ink magazine by Ravinder Bawa.

Concerned about your health? Want to know more about how your lifestyle habits affect your well-being? Not to worry, help is just a click away! Check out this Real Age test which calculates your biological age by taking your current health data as parameters. Worth a try and if nothing else, will keep you entertained for a while!

The Indian Homemaker shares on her blog an outrageous story of a lady who suffered on a metro train. A shocking story which highlights the insensitivity that abounds in India regarding sexual harassment. (The blogger name was wrongly listed; we’ve corrected it now, thanks @Unmana for alerting us!)

It’s a great time for women to get creative and that’s exactly what Anne Rakesh, a new mommy decided to do. What started off as a small hobby turned into a business and Happy Knots was born. Her tale only proves that every woman out there carrying a passion in her heart can make it big if she can develop upon the resources given to her.

And finally, Shukla Bose’s tale of success in helping children from less affluent backgrounds to have a good education is heartening and reassuring to hear. An insightful excerpt from the article featured in Ultraviolet: “At that time we literally walked the slums,” she recalls. “I learned the names of 850 children. Each child needs to feel important and known by its name. The kids told me about their locale – whether there was a school, a medical care facility anywhere nearby, et cetera.” The best school, she felt, would offer a secular environment, one in which people felt free and equal.

Photo credit: SheSpeaks.com

Aishwarya Rajamani is an undergraduate student by day and a writer otherwise. She reads passionately

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  1. why ppl think that females are just to wear best jewellry n best dresses and they are the decoration of home……parents think that watever decision daughter will take that is not appropriate why girls can’t be involved in home matters to sorted out the solutions……..girls can come out of home they can struggle for their life indiviually…they can take their own decision even better than males they have more open minds than males and are always think about problems and solutions in more ways than boys…..they are enough strong to face any sort of problem to find solution for that and to digest the pains ……..

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