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Posted: August 5, 2012

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Here are your “hot cross links” for the week!

A little dash of appreciation can work like magic on human beings. Writer and blogger Kim seems to have understood this as she celebrates all women bloggers who “kick some ass”!

From circular saws to windshield wipers here is an interesting list of the top ten things that women invented.

Feminists with an ear for music of the 70’s and 80’s will find lots to explore at Women’s Liberation Music Archive. This blog has an extensive collection of videos, information and links that relate to the WML movement.

Perhaps this is the ultimate gift of feminism, that the personal is in fact the political” says Kavita Ramdas, Director of Global Fund for women in her TED talk that unveils women of a whole new calibre who are truly radical and inspirational.

It’s a hard job being an Indian feminist” explains Jaded16 at the Fbomb.

Here’s an insightful interview with Christina Hoff Sommers on The future of feminism.

And finally, check out this wonderful list of 15 books every feminist must read at Feministing.

*Photo credit: Cross Stitch Ninja (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)

Aishwarya Rajamani is an undergraduate student by day and a writer otherwise. She reads passionately

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