Pick of the week: July 15th

Posted: July 15, 2012

This week’s compilation of all things “women” is here with loads of interesting articles, news, interviews and videos for you. Click away!

Women under the spotlight

The prestigious Tribeca Film festival is to showcase a documentary themed on Indian women and the conflict between fundamentalism and modernism. This venture shows that there is a developing interest in understanding the culture wars in India.

Seventeen year old Sarah Attar has been the talk of the town this week. The teen from Saudi Arabia is to take part in the London Olympics and feels honoured by the prospect.

From the blogosphere

Suchi at Pebble in the sky muses on Feminism for India. The crisp article conveys some valid points as food for thought for all Indian women alike.

Another enthusiastic blogger who calls herself The Goddess and uses her blog Simply Bored as a pet peeve expresses her view on Indian Feminism.

Arts and Entertainment

A dream turns into a bestselling series for a stay at home mom, Stephanie Meyer. Get to know more about the woman behind Twilight in this interview.

Women musicians are not taken as seriously as their male counterparts” tells musician Dr. Kamala Shankar. In this interview which appeared on The Pioneer the first woman doctorate in the field of instrumental guitar talks about her wonderful musical journey with titbits on challenges faced by women musicians.

Vishaka Dharba, a student writes about the representation of women in TV serials. She also raises some very important questions in her piece worth giving some thought to.


Courtney Martin talks about Re-inventing feminism. In the eleven minute speech she defines Feminism for the modern day woman to whom “the beauty, the aesthetics, the fun do matter”. Though the talk is country specific there is a lot for Indian feminists to ponder and figure out. 

Aishwarya Rajamani is an undergraduate student by day and a writer otherwise. She reads passionately

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