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Women’s Web: Pick of the Week

Posted: February 12, 2012

Parent tree discusses the four funny facts about misbehaving children. Reminisce your childhood with your misbehaving child!

The quality of life of Breast Cancer patients and survivors is significantly compromised with psychological and physical distress. The UCLA Newsroom spreads awareness about life before and after the treatment of Breast Cancer.

Rajaputhran comments on the intentions of corporate organizations directed towards profit and lack of sincerity when talking about love.

Studies have shown that language development varies between the sexes, with males generally gaining language skills at a slower rate. Researchers from the U of Western Australia explored this issue in a large cohort of children.

Diabetes may impact hearing loss more in women according to a new study fromHenryFordHospitalinDetroit. The study also shows significantly worse hearing in all women younger than 60 with diabetes, even if it is well controlled.

Weight loss tips aren’t about magic or secrets, it’s about basic biology. Understand what’s happening in your body so you can make more informed choices and lose the weight for good. Buzzle staff gives their insight on fitness.

A story of two strangers that reveals the issue of women’s dependence vs. self-sufficiency in a romantic relationship.

Athena and Andrea explore the choices of working women when it comes to picking a leader. Read more to find out whether women prefer female leaders, or are indifferent to the notion of gender in the workplace.

Arrival of a baby in the family can be an experience of a variety of emotions. Farida Khan takes us through the life and thoughts of the new mom.

Nirmala brings the exciting history of Valentine’s Day and its contrasting present.


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