A post-graduate student of English Literature, with an interest in Media, Communications and Feminism, Jahnvi is Women's Web's newest intern.

Voice of Jahnvi

Nationalism and Women’s Empowerment

In the modern society, women are working, but they’re not relieved from the household responsibilities.

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Valentine’s Day: Love Somebody

Is Valentine's Day too commercialized or do you have your own special way of celebrating it?

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Women’s Web: Pick of the Week

Interesting incidents from across the world that caught our fancy here at Women's Web.

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Women’s Web Pick of the Week

Most health care systems do not notice or aid human trafficking victims. Karuna discusses the process of social exclusion, harassment and vulnerability in the lives of these survivors. India’s popularity with gender differences is questioned at the India Art Fair, an annual event with artists, curators, buyers and gawkers. New York Times reveals art with a hint […]

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Starveway to Heaven: Right to Food

Right to Food: The Indian government is generous enough to distribute subsidized food to the poor, but clever enough to do it cheaply.

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And the Award for ‘Best Leading Role – Female’ goes to…

Why is there a lack of in-depth and meaningful roles for women in Indian cinema?

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Best Of The Week

Every weekend, we bring you a list of top incidents across the world, that caught our eye - which we think would be relevant to every woman out there.

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