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Posted: February 5, 2012

Most health care systems do not notice or aid human trafficking victims. Karuna discusses the process of social exclusion, harassment and vulnerability in the lives of these survivors.

India’s popularity with gender differences is questioned at the India Art Fair, an annual event with artists, curators, buyers and gawkers. New York Times reveals art with a hint of the problematic nature of gender based outcomes.

Janet Maslin reviews Katherine Boo’s first book, ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers.’ “Zehrunisa Husain was a tear-factory even on good days; it was one of her chief ways of starting conversations,” Katherine Boo writes about a woman’s tale in a setting of half an acre of 335 huts, 3,000 people in Annawadi, the Mumbai slum.

Mustansir Dalvi brings his insights to the news that no cases of polio were detected in the last calendar year inIndia.

Telugu writer Chaso’s collection of short fiction “Dolls’ Wedding” tells story of a great-grandmother who reminisces her childhood that was full of injustices. Jabberwock throws some light on her resignation to her former experiences.

Sharon Green tackles the problem of obesity and its prevalence in the society in terms of genes and habits.

Rachel gives us information regarding a research study headed by Boston University on breast cancer among lesbian and bisexual women aimed at reducing health disparities.

Parent tree talks about the importance of inclusion in childhood and how balance can be achieved to make a child’s life much better. 

Bishwanath Ghosh opens our eyes to the lovers’ lane and frequent instances of interruption in the name of culture and tradition. Valentine’s day is only round the corner!

Pic Credit: UNODC, South Asia

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