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blue whale
Parenting Kids In The Age Of The Blue Whale – How Do You Protect Your Teens?

As a mom of 2 kids who will soon be teens, I worry about the dangerous trends like the Blue Whale game - what do I do to protect  my kids?

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Walk Tall, And That’s How The World Sees You! [#ShortStory]
how the world sees you

And now here she was, in front of the mirror, wearing the most beautiful piece of jewelry her mother gave her, her confidence. The confidence to be herself.

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Dear Mom Of Twins, Congratulations! Do You Know What This Means, Though?
mom of twins

Becoming a new mother can turn life upside down, and when you are a mom of twins, it is double the trouble, but also double the fun & love!

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5 Lazy Mom Hacks That Helped Me Be A Smart Mom, And Saved My Sanity
lazy mom

A mom is supposed to be a multitasking tornado, but you need to be a lazy mom for your own sanity at times. Here are 5 hacks that will help you out.

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Kid Asks Uncomfortable Questions? Congratulations! You Have Done Something Right As A Parent!
successful parenting

Does your kid annoy you by asking too many (uncomfortable) questions? It isn't disobedience, even if you think so, but a sign of your successful parenting! 

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Is My Child Being Honest With Me? Does My Child Feel Safe Being Honest With Me?
being honest

Are our children telling us things openly and honestly? More importantly, are we being the parents our children can feel safe being honest with?

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