violence against women
Either As The Victim Or The Bystander, Speak Up For Yourself And For Others

Do not take domestic violence lying down. Be an aware bystander. Speak up for yourself and for anyone else who faces this enemy and help them.

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No, Living With In-Laws Is Not The Law. And I Am Not A Criminal If I Breach It!
living with in-laws

Living with in-laws after marriage is considered the default for most Indian women. But is this always out of choice or is it the only option for them? Are they considered evil if they refuse?

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5 Things I Learnt From The Classic Movie Arth About Relationships And Strong Women

The cult classic movie Arth was ahead of its time in the way it ended and the feminist message it sent to its viewers. Here is what I learnt from it.

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Ladki Hi Toh Hai! Padh Likh Kar Kya Karegi Bhala?!
women are powerless

Women are breaking glass ceilings everywhere, but much of India is still entrenched in the Middle Ages where women are powerless and have no say in anything.

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A Right To Her Own Self
she is born a woman

#Poetry. A woman often has no right to her own self, simply because she is born a woman. When will this change? When will she be able to own her self and her life?

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Beyond [#ShortStory]

But there are women who dare to go beyond the conventional, beyond the limits, beyond the possible, beyond the permissible. And that defines their potential.

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Get me more such violence against women!

IMAGINE: A world that values children

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