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I Won’t Bend Backward Any More…

Posted: December 18, 2017

#Poetry. A broken relationship does not mean that the fault is all mine – why must only I bend backward if the fault is also yours? An insightful poem.

I will never be what I was;

what is gone, I cannot get back.

I am deficient of my heyday beauty,

but warmth of past you too lack.

You are out of love for me I know;

it’s all right, not your fault.

But why must I bear the brunt,

of what you so sloppily lost?

Hell! But I will not sit here,

writing obituary to our twenty years.

I will show dignity to my age, unlike you;

shall not cheapen our bond with venomous spears.

Rather, I will gracefully pull the curtains,

on our show that has come to an end.

In giving to you all; I lost sight of self

but never again, will I backward bend.

Image source: shutterstock

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