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When My 8 Year Old Reminded Me To Be Grateful For The Person I Am, Too!

Gratitude to others and everything that we have is a wonderful thing, and helps us centre ourselves, but we should remember to be grateful for who we are too!

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bend backward
I Won’t Bend Backward Any More…

#Poetry. A broken relationship does not mean that the fault is all mine - why must only I bend backward if the fault is also yours? An insightful poem.

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There Was Magic In The Air That Night, Which Gave An Unexpected Turn To Our Love Story!

You could call it magic or serendipity, but if this had not happened that night, maybe I would not have had the life I live now with my husband!

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In Which My Childhood Love For The ‘Bounty’Ful Comes Full Circle

A lovely tale of love that needs to be re-read as soon as you finish it. For you won't be able to help yourself with this bounty of love!

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a woman
A Woman [#Poetry]

A woman can be many things all at once. Very human, and very flawed. Yet a powerful force in herself.

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The Story Of My Amazing Domestic Help, A Strong Woman Who Knew What She Could Do

A strong woman need not have knowledge of feminism - she just needs to decide upon the right thing to do, and do it!

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‘Perspective’ [#ShortStory]

We women feel guilt about anything we do, no matter what it is. Depends upon the perspective we have of the situation, whom we identify with.

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Taking Women For Granted. So Much Has Changed Over The Years And Yet So Little Of It Actually Has!

For how long will men continue taking women for granted? Shouldn't they wake up and realize that women are not going to let them have sovereignty for ever?

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College Tomboy Or Today’s Happy Homemaker And Mom – Shouldn’t It Be About My Choice?

Whatever a woman wants to do with her life, shouldn't it be the woman's choice, as long as she is happy and content in doing it well?

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