It’s OK To Be Broken…

You loved. You expected to be loved back for yourself, but were betrayed. It's Ok to be broken. It's also Ok to not let anyone break you again.

You loved. You expected to be loved back for yourself, but were betrayed. It’s Ok to be broken. It’s also Ok to not let anyone break you again.

Life, if you have understood by now, throws at you a lot of surprises, many good things, an equal number of difficulties, challenges and much more. Is this how life is meant to be? Yes, it is. It is like this, not just for you but for every one of us out there. If only life was a cakewalk, would it be interesting? Would you ever know that there is a lot more to life other than enjoying luxuries and being happy? Would you ever know what pain is or what heartbreak feels like?

Life always comes in twos. Happiness-Sorrow, Success-Failure, Love-Hatred, Good-bad. Only when you see both sides of the coin, you will understand the value of each of them. And only when you see them both, you will learn how to deal with every situation you come across in this unpredictable journey of life.

Being a woman, you have always learned to make another’s happiness as your priority. You were always told that sacrifice should be your other name. You were always taught to be humble and soft-spoken and to respect everyone.

You have grown up as an independent, loving and a mature woman who stands as a good example for many other young women in your family and friends. The ideal woman who never broke the rules of the society. A strong woman who has always believed in following her heart and realizing her dreams. A loving woman who has only known how to give love and affection but not to hurt anyone. A modern woman, who has believed in accepting change with time and adopting the many cultural changes in the society without tainting the traditional values.

Being a woman of courage, and also an astute and amicable person, all that you have yearned for is true and selfless love. A relationship that would fill those gaps in your life that no success or achievement could fill. A belongingness towards a person whom you can count on when in need of a shoulder to put your head and cry silently. You have only dreamt of a person who would love you for the kind of person you are from inside. A person who would stay by your side, no matter what. A person who would keep the courage to fight with this world to have you in his life.

You have committed that you would put all your efforts to make your relationship last forever. You have made a silent promise that you will always love him unconditionally. You have vowed to yourself that you will make his family yours and will lead a peaceful life with him.

You have made the best plans for a long loving life of togetherness with him.

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But little did you know that all these dreams would come crashing to show you the harsh truth of the reality.

He never meant anything that he said came from the bottom of his heart. His promises, all fake, his words, all sugar-coated, were mere lies. He was never sure about you like he said he was. Yet another lie. He made you believe in him, fall for him and trust him, with his cheesy lines of fake love.

Now, when you got to know the truth, it is hard for you to believe that you got betrayed by someone who you thought would be there for you till your last breath. Nothing in this world can reduce the pain you are going through. Your pillow tells us stories of those countless nights that you cried to sleep. Your window tells us about the melancholic evenings you spent staring out of it.

Your swollen eyes tell us about the pain of not being able to realize those beautiful dreams you dreamt of being with him. Your heart tells us of the agony it went through when he broke it into innumerable pieces.

But among all these, we all forget to listen to what your mind has got to say.

You have had a tough time trying to get over him and his memories. But it’s ok to not be able to forget them. You are still trying to see the good things in others which you thought were all fake only because he faked goodness to you. But it’s ok to not be able to believe in people after going through all this. You find it difficult to fall in love again. But it’s ok to not be able to fall in love yet again.

You think it is all your fault. You have accepted that you were not worthy enough to have him in your life and so he left. You think you are undeserving, unworthy, and unattractive and hence he left you.

But the truth is, you deserve someone better than him. You are worth more than what you thought you could get. For the kind of selfless love you have for people in your life, you deserve the best guy in the world. A true lover, a man of deeds but not a man of words.

It’s ok to be broken because this pain is what will teach you that life is all about taking both happiness and sorrow, with the same spirit. These difficulties will teach you how to get up and be happy in life even after falling for the worst storms in life. They teach to how to fight and win over anything that clouds your eyes.

You will never remain a broken person forever. After all this, you will only emerge as a fighter and survivor, stronger and more mature than you have ever been.

So, it’s ok to be broken, because now you know how to mend it and now you also know how to not let anyone break you again.

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