Vidya Balan Shuts Body Shamers

Posted: June 7, 2019

Vidya Balan Yet Again Inspires Us, This Time With Her Views On Body Positivity Most of us remember #VidyaBalan for her intense and remarkable performances in movies such as Kahaani, Parineeta, Paa, Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica, and The Dirty Picture. From a demure Indian girl to a heavily pregnant woman chasing the bad guys, from a hapless sister of a murdered woman to a South Indian star known for her erotic roles– Vidya has played it all, with effortless poise and élan.


Her performances onscreen have left a legacy in Bollywood, that’ll be remembered for years to come. However, despite Vidya’s powerhouse talent, the sexist media and public at large did not spare her from a generous dose of body shaming and vicious criticisms over her sartorial choices. “There was a time I used to take these negative criticisms very seriously. I was killing myself over losing weight. I would work out like crazy, starve myself and go on all kinds of weird diets. Yes, I would lose some weight but all that starving would leave me feeling very unhappy and drained. Worse, eventually I would regain that weight and that would make me more miserable. It had become a vicious cycle. Slowly, I realised that there is a body structure that I can’t fight, and I better embrace it. I began to feel comfortable in my weight. Today I do not consider it a ‘weight problem’. I think fitness is more important. Who decides what is desirable? We have begun to pigeonhole beauty, sexuality and desirability.” Watch the full video and you’re sure to be amazed by her #BodyPositivity #BodyShaming

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Vidya Balan Shuts Body Shamers - Vidya Balan Interview On Being Body Positive


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