Stop Acting! All Women Endure This So You’re Not Special!

She told my mother, "You doting parents turn these girls into delicate darlings, you should let them be a little tough. Girls have to be strong, what is this?"

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No I’m Not Making An Excuse To Get Out Of Work Just ‘Coz You Can’t SEE My Migraine

Migraine is an invisible illness, and the triggers are everywhere in our daily life, unavoidable. It's unfair to be judgemental.

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When The Tigress Lost Her Stripes… To A Loved One’s Abuse

Emotionally abused, even the strongest of women can lose themselves in the pain. But at some point, they realise that they can still rise. A parable.

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When Standing At The Edge Of A Train Track, You Suddenly Feel, What If?

Anxiety. Depression. I am choosing to write about this because I think it is something worth talking about, simply because more people should come out and talk about it.

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A Hernia Is Not Just A Man’s Problem! Things Women Should Know About Hernias
painful sexual intercourse

A hernia is a common condition, and can occur in anyone, not just in a man! Here is what women need to know about hernias.

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