Manojita Chakraborty

Manojita loves to write alongside her regular 9-5. Flair for language, poetry, art etc is what sustains her and often inspires her to be creative. She loves storytelling and is passionate about words.

Voice of Manojita Chakraborty

From The Uncomfortable Place Of Feeling Too Much Of Too Many Things ….

This year has brought anxiety to all of our lives. The best way to describe this year would be "chaos." But how will the chaos end? Only time will tell.

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The “Others” – Who Are They And Where Do They Belong?

In our civil society, in tougher times, group dominance dictates the rights and freedom of the weaker “Others”.

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Pause and Reset In The Times Of A Pandemic

Chaos is a ladder, sometimes only for the privileged, who have access to the first rung.

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A Letter From The Smarter You To The You Down And Out

Feeling down and out? What if you received a letter from the smarter you who knows it will all be fine?

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black mirror
How Vital For Survival Is Our Need To Be Liked? (As Seen In Netflix Series Black Mirror)

Black Mirror, a Netflix series, is based upon the premise that most of us want to be liked, and as a result, in this disconnected world, further need this fix to survive.

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The Myth of the Indian Middle Class

The middle class the biggest myth of our times. This is a group of people with a strange sense of rootlessness. This lack of identity is us, the middle class.

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As A 30 y.o. Indian Single Woman, Self-Judgement Was The Hardest To Get Rid Of!

Self-love came the hardest to her, says Manojita Chakraborty, as a single woman in India, impossible to not judge herself as she was by others. But, she's getting there now. 

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Do We Have To Hate Men? Patriarchy Is To Be Blamed, Not Them!

There are many men who are feminists, and at the same time, there are many women who are misogynist. Gender doesn't really matter here, and feminism does not mean hating men.

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Why Don’t We Empathize With Others And Ourselves?

Recovery is a process of self-discovery. More often than once, I have heard people mention that certain incidents changed their lives.

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When In Doubt, I Pause…

It has been raining incessantly today. Rains always make me think. So, today of all days I have been thinking. You know, there are days that you wake up with certain half crafted dreams.

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Better Take Today’s Media With A Generous Dose Of Salt, Than Just A Pinch!

Should we trust media in today's times? Author Manojita Chakraborty wants us to stop believing everything that is put in front of us on a silver platter.

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Are We Millennials Possible ‘Children Of Peace’ Living On The Brink Of Inclusiveness?

The millennial population is unique with a character of their own. Being at the edge of inclusion, what exactly make them tick is technology writes Manojita Chakraborty.

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Short Story: Train of Memories

True love is timeless. Here is a short story of Naina, her love for Veer, loss and a longing for 12 years.

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The phenomenon of Urban Loneliness – Is It Myth or Reality?

Chronic loneliness is not an unheard of phenomenon in metropolitan cities, or rather in modern metropolitan Indian cities. What is the truth behind it?

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When Standing At The Edge Of A Train Track, You Suddenly Feel, What If?

Anxiety. Depression. I am choosing to write about this because I think it is something worth talking about, simply because more people should come out and talk about it.

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