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mothers day
These posts celebrate Mother's Day from every aspect - whether it is reflecting on our own mothers, on ourselves as mothers, or looking beyond the obvious glorification of motherhood.
‘Pee Before You Leave The House,’ And Other Gem Like Advice By Our Mums We Still Follow

Moms giving out advice is nothing new and can range from silly and sweet to profound and sensible. Here are a few women telling us advice they still follow!

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Dear MIL, Thank You For Not Interfering In Our Lives Despite Being An Important Part Of It!

I am in love with your son, but you are why I love him even more. You never made me feel like an outsider. You carefully guided me each time I was lost.

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When Daughters Become (Their) Mothers
Sudha Menon

‘You have given her good education and a solid set of values. Now leave her to make her choices, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes.'

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5 Women Tell Us What It Is Like To Be In A ‘Long-Distance Relationship’ With Their Moms

Spending Mother's Day away from home during a pandemic seems a lot, doesn't it? These people tell us about their 'long-distance' with their moms.

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The Post Coronavirus Avatar Of Indian Moms We Had Never Visualised

Here’s an attempt to bring a smile to your face and discuss how moms are coping up with lockdown. Yes, those you are celebrating for Mother's Day.

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Every Mom Has Her Own Normal; Don’t Judge If You Don’t Know What She’s Going Through

Every mom is different, with a different experience of pregnancy, childbirth, early motherhood, and other things. Why question her normal?

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