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How Even In 1983, Malayalam Film Adaminte Variyellu Spoke Of Mental Health Of Women

In Adaminte Variyellu, Vasanthi sits on her father-in-law's favourite easy chair and orders the family members about, as he used to.

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Parents, Please HEAR Our Unspoken Plea For Help, And Rescue Us From Depression Before It’s Too Late!

No one noticed. I understood that it would be difficult for my friends to notice as we rarely met or talked. But what about my parents? My family? They were the ones I spent every day of my life with.

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Kapil Sharma And Revathi Dazzle In 2 Surprisingly Sensitive Mental Health Depictions On OTT

OTT recently threw up two surprisingly sensitive, sincere depictions of mental health. Unexpected in a country that does not know what to do with those suffering from mental illness.

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Why Rinku Of Atrangi Re Is A Danger To Real Life Rinkus… And So Shouldn’t Be Idolised

Rinku Sooryavanshi in Atrangi Re is a foul-mouthed, free spirited manic pixie trope of a woman, the Indian cis male idea of an emancipated modern woman. But she is a nothing.

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Indian Women’s Mental Health Scenario Is Full Of Unseen Battles, Unheard War Cries…And A Ton Of Stigma
mental health disorders in women

Women hold up half the sky. But the horizon of mental health for them is different from that of men! As we observe #WorldMentalHealthDay2021, let's explore the rocky landscape of women's mental health.

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‘I Hate My Mother!’ Was My Most Constant Feeling, Growing Up… But Now I Know Better

I grew up with a mother who suffered from depression and was on medication, and this is what my childhood was like... though now I know better and wish she didn't have to suffer!

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