Voice of Kajal

Parents, Please HEAR Our Unspoken Plea For Help, And Rescue Us From Depression Before It’s Too Late!

No one noticed. I understood that it would be difficult for my friends to notice as we rarely met or talked. But what about my parents? My family? They were the ones I spent every day of my life with.

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Is It Better To Kill The Daughter Once, In The Womb, Or Murder Her Soul Everyday?

There are the little moments when patriarchy silently smiles and watches you fade away. Watches equality fade away. It is just as haunting and painful.

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Kanjak: A Tale Of The Road Not Taken

The second road was the one not taken, the one which I wanted to take.

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12 Ways My Joint Family Was Sexist To Me

A 16 year old writes about various sexist instances in her everyday life that normalise patriarchy and discriminate because she is a girl. 

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