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Chief Empathy Officer
Trishala, Chief ‘Empathy’ Officer At Periferry, Speaks Of Building Inclusive Workspaces

A recent chat with Trishala, the Chief Empathy Officer of Periferry, which aims to build inclusive workspaces, was an education on inclusiveness and beyond. 

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NASA’s Cancelled All-Female Spacewalk Is 1 More Example Of Women Facing More Obstacles At Work
all female spacewalk

While the cancelled spacewalk is not a case of blatant sexism, it does put a spotlight on how organizations must change to become more female-friendly spaces.

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Single Fathers In Govt Jobs Will Get Childcare Leave, But No Parenting Leave For Married Men?
childcare leave for single fathers

Childcare leave for single fathers in government jobs is now a reality, but leaving married men out of it reinforces the mother's role as the primary parent.

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Tanushree Dutta, Me Or You; We All Have No Choice But To Fight Workplace Harassment

After actress Tanushree Dutta opened up, this author pens down her own workplace harassment experiences in 11 years of being a woman in the corporate world. 

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9 Terrible Instances Of Sexism At Work I Have Personally Encountered. Share Yours!

Sexism at work is not a 'rare' instance. Check how many of these situations you have encountered and share your stories in the comments below!

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“I Don’t Believe In Linear Career Growth” – Kanchana TK, Pharma Leader, Shares Her Secrets

From Hospitality to Insurance to Pharma, Kanchana TK, Director General of the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India has not hesitated to make bold career moves. An interview with this inspiring woman.

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