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Why Is A Badly Parked Car Always A Woman’s Fault?

Unconscious gender bias is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we often do not realise we are acting on it. This needs to be addressed at every level.

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3 Tips For Working Women: On How To Navigate Workplace Conflicts?
3 Tips For Working Women: On How To Navigate Workplace Conflicts?

In the workspace, whether you work at a large MNC or you work in a Startup, managing and navigating conflict comes with big consequences to you because of that emotional attachment to one’s viewpoint.

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6 Different Types Of Imposter Syndrome And How to Counter Them
6 Types of Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndromes is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt and feelings of intellectual fraudulence. There are 6 types of Imposter Syndrome.

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We Are Humans Too!— Nurses Are Still Fighting the Good Fight.

During the pandemic, Becky was unable to see and spend time with family. It was quite an exhausting and challenging time for her and other nurses.

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Dear Male Colleagues, I Don’t Have It Easier At Work Just Because I’m A Woman!

When a man makes a mistake, it is a mere stumble. When a woman makes the same mistake, the entire gender gets branded and questioned.

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10 Actionable Steps On Gender Equality At Work Needed NOW: International Women’s Day 2022
International Women's Day 2022

As International Women's Day 2022 approaches, let us understand that we cannot sustain economic progress without taking concrete steps for gender equality at the workplace.

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