6 Everyday Habits You Can Change This World Earth Day To Help Save Our Planet

Today, 22nd April 2019 is the 49th World Earth Day. It is an annual call for the world to examine its attitude towards the blue planet.

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Estonia’s Reet Aus Is Saving The Planet In Style, With Sustainable And Ethical Fashion
Reet Aus

By focusing on upcycling post-production waste from garment factories on a huge scale, Reet Aus is cutting down on the excesses of the fast fashion industry.

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Sarah Toumi Is Taking On The Sahara Desert In Tunisia With Acacia Trees To Reduce Erosion
Sarah Toumi

To combat the effects of desertification in her home country, Tunisia, Sarah Toumi came up with the innovative solution of planting acacia trees and employing sustainable farming practices. In the process, she is also empowering women in the region.

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Plastic That Composts Like Orange Peel? This Israeli Innovator Has Made This Dream Come True
Daphna Nissenbaum

“Plastic that turns into compost. It’s a beautiful thing,” says Daphna Nissenbaum from Israel, who has “hacked plastic” by creating an alternative to single use plastic packaging.

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I Practice Minimalist Parenting With My Kids As My Bit For The Environment. And You?
minimalist parenting

We waste a lot of resources by buying our kids all that they ask for - if we say no, we don't become miserly. This is minimalist parenting, our bit towards saving the environment.

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How I And My Family Escaped Getting Stuck In The Kerala Floods By Just A Few Minutes!
Kerala floods personal

That day we just managed to leave our ancestral home to go to Cape Town where we live, and our flight left a few minutes before Kochi airport was sealed and the runway flooded.

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