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When The Doctor Said I Was ‘Doing Too Much Drama’ During A Painful Invasive Procedure

Trigger Warning: This deals with anxiety, trauma due to infertility, and gaslighting by health care personnel and may be triggering for survivors. The time was ripe. Our life was almost on track with our planning. A new home was booked. At the professional level, we were at a not-so-bad place. The family was anxious about […]

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I Never Knew A Doctor Could Treat Me So Badly Until I Got Pregnant
I never knew I can be so put down by a doctor, until I got pregnant #MedicalMisogyny

So, was I just supposed to resign to everything that was happening to me? In my view, just because something is common and part of pregnancy, cannot make it normal.

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‘Never Say Yes If You Want To Say No’ Is How My Mother Taught Me Self-Esteem
Things I\'m grateful my mother taught me - Ode to my Supermom

My mother always told me I should not compromise and do what others want me to, if that is not in my best interests. 6 things she taught me that make me the woman I am today.

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I Shared My Story Of Molestation During Holi On Twitter… And Then The Trolling Started!

Shouldn’t the focus be on getting men to stop molesting women under the pretext of Holi, and not on locking women up? 

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Grow Up Bollywood! A Fun Holi Means Consent, Not Your Usual Hooliganism!

The comment bura na mano Holi hai has become slogan used to excuse the worst kind of behaviour: invading personal space, touching, defacing and groping the most inappropriate places because oops! the hand slipped.

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The Horrifying Memories Of Holi That I Refuse To Pass On To My Son!
The horrifying memories of Holi that I refuse to pass on to my son!

That day I dared to sneak out from a small gap between the opening of the door and the wall to see what happens... and it horrified me.

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