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‘Why Can’t Men Understand That No Means NO?’ Asks Himachal Pradesh HC Judge

While denying bail to a rape accused the Himachal Pradesh HC commented that a lack of struggle by the survivor is NOT consent, only 'unequivocal voluntary agreement' is.

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How Shaming Young Women For Their Sexual Choices Can Put Them In Very Real Danger

In a society that calls relationships by the name 'affairs', the stigma could be too much for a woman who'd rather face the violence, putting her at danger.

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Just Because I’m Considered ‘Sexy’ Doesn’t Mean I’m Ok Talking About Sex With Anyone!
talking about sex

I have been called 'sexy' by many people, but does that make it Ok for you to expect me to talk about sex with you or fantasise about me? NO.

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Kiara Advani Shines In Guilty, A Film About Consent And The Need To Smash Toxic Male Entitlement
Guilty Netflix

Kiara Advani (of Kabir Singh 'fame') makes a mark in Netflix movie Guilty, that tackles the entitlement of men, thinking they have the right to decide who “asks for it” and who doesn’t.

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Delhi Men Were Asked On Camera Why Rape Happens; What They Said Will Make You Puke

That consent is simply a 'yes' or 'no' is quite easy to understand. However, it is not that easy in India. Here's looking back at history of why consent is so hard to understand

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No Mr. Khattar! Kashmiri Girls’ Consent Is Not A Joke!

Manohar Khattar's comment on being able to bring back Kashmiri girls, revealed the regressive mentality of several men in India. Does consent even matter?

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