I Wear Racy Lingerie For Myself, And #ThisIsNotConsent For You To Think Otherwise

#ThisIsNotConsent is the brand new hashtag in town and another reason to feel ashamed and angered at the world and the way it perceives a woman and her choices. 

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Was It An Imperfect Marriage… Or Something Else Nameless?

As he came closer, I felt a surge of electricity run through my body. I had never been with a man who could arouse me with just his intelligence and choice of words because I had never met one.

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Expecting A Sati Savitri In A Woman? Who Are You To Judge Her Sexual Needs?

Judging women for owning their sexual needs and actually taking steps for them. The recent debates over Veere di Wedding and Lipstick Under My Burkha are symptoms of this social malady.

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Having Dinner With A Man Does Not Mean I Have Said Yes To Sex!

As an independent, working woman in a civilised society, I expect to feel safe when I go out with a man. I don't have to justify WHY I don't want to have sex.

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Dear Jacqueline Fernandez, It’s High Time You And Other Celebs Understand That Consent Matters

In a recent incident, actor Jacqueline Fernandez coerced a seven year old boy to hug her when he clearly did not want to. When will our celebs learn the importance of Consent?

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Hear Me ROAR: When A Woman Says NO, It Means NO!

Powerful poetry that narrates the tale of a woman's consent in a relationship from being strangers to marital rape. When a woman says NO it's a NO!

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