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Karnan: A Spectacular Take On Caste, But Where Does It Stand On Issues Of Gender?

This brilliant anti-caste epic Karnan starts and ends with the image of a woman, but it does not do its female characters nearly enough justice in the middle.

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Why Is Crime Against Dalit Women, Especially Sexual Crime, So Rampant?
violence against Dalit women

It’s tough being a woman in India, and it’s tough being a Dalit person in India. It’s worse when you’re both. A Dalit woman.

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Where Are Those Who Must Wake Up And Smell The Injustice In This Horrific Unnao Incident?
Unnao Beti

Savarna feminists have been conspicuous by their absence all day in the voices raised against the horrific incident against 3 young Dalit girls in Unnao yesterday. Where's the sisterhood?

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Why Must Caste Matter So Much When 2 People Love Each Other?

The caste system is still a huge part of our society and needs to be eliminated. Will we ever be able to abolish the caste system?

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My Dalit Women Are More Than The Patronising Stereotypes You Come Up With!
Madam Chief minister poster

The Dalit woman holding a broomstick, as in the first poster of Madam Chief Minister, is an image that reduces the enormous capacity a Dalit woman embodies. Don't patronize.

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Getting Out Of A Privileged Bubble To Grasp Horrifying Realities Of India’s Marginalised Women
No Nation for Women

A small group of us read Priyanka Dubey’s No Nation for Women, handholding each other through a realisation of the horror of reality for most Indian women.

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