Beneath the Shadows of Adversity (urgent)
She Stood Strong In The Face Of Gender, Caste And Sexuality Based Discrimination!

She held onto the hope that, in the future, she would find a way to live openly and freely as her authentic self, no longer confined by societal expectations or oppressive family dynamics.

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How Can Anyone Deny That Pallavi Menke Is Drawn From Yashica Dutt’s Life?

Savarnas have always just taken from Dalit communities. When compounded by gender, it becomes worse. The makers of Made in Heaven should rethink their stand on Yashica Dutt's claims.

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5 Feisty & Flawed Women From Made in Heaven Season Two We Applaud!

5 strong and layered women characters in Made in Heaven Season 2 that really made us sit up and take notice of what they were fighting for.

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The Iron Grip Of Casteism Is Choking Education In India!
The Iron Grip Of Casteism In Choking Education In India!

Reports highlight the prevalent issue of caste discrimination in rural schools, where generations of students have been subjected to such discrimination, even during activities like the midday meal program.

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Why Savarna Readers Must Read Yogesh Maitreya’s Memoir ‘Water In A Broken Pot’

"Death for Dalits is metaphorical. An 'Untouchable' never existed as a person worthy of respect from society or recognised as a mind. He was simply invisible, except when his labour was extracted, exploited and used for free…"

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Sujatha Gidla’s Memoir Shows That Education Can’t Cure The Caste-Gender-Poverty Curse
Sujatha Gidla

Sujatha Gidla's parents were both educated and worked as school teachers, yet, their caste followed them- they remained Untouchables. No matter how hard they worked, the family could not shake off poverty or untouchability.

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