Read our prestigious winners at the 10th Laadli Media Awards, on India’s Low Divorce Rate and The Sexual Violence of Flashing.
Would The Tanishq Ad Have Been Spared If These ‘Buts’ Were Taken Care Of?

The Tanishq ad intended to promote harmony, but got a ton of backlash and was taken down. Why?

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Why It Is Essential We All Speak Of The Hathras Rape Victim As A Dalit Woman
Dalit women

Media or anyone else should necessarily speak of victims like the young Hathras rape victim as a Dalit woman, because the politics of identity matter.

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The Horror Visited Upon The Hathras Rape Victim Is As Much A Casteist Issue As It Is About Gendered Violence
Hathras rape

As women, we're horrified by the Hathras rape victim's ordeal, but as Savarna women, we must ask ourself if we too are complicit in this caste based violence.

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Despite All She Did For Them, Why Is Hidimbi Not Respected As The 1st Pandava Queen?

Hidimbi. A powerful woman, the first Pandava wife, who raised a mighty son as a single mom, yet sidelined in the Mahabharata. Because she was a rakshasi, not upper caste enough?

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Why Intercaste Marriages Need To Be Sensitive To Gender And Caste To Be Successful
intercaste marriages

Modi and A Beer directed by Dhinah Chandra Mohan, is a look at the complex narratives of Patriarchy and Caste, and power structures in intercaste marriages

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We Want The Maid’s Labour But Not Her ‘Infected Hands’, Says A New Ad

Our prejudices about domestic workers, often deeply rooted in caste hierarchy, only take on new avatars in the wake of the pandemic.

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