Breastfeeding at the Workplace – Time to Break the Silence
5 Concrete Steps Employers Must Take To Break Silence Around Breastfeeding At The Workplace

The disparity in laws and their enforcement often forces women in India to choose between their careers and children, leading to an “either-or” situation.

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26 FAQs On Breast Milk Pumping, Storage, And Donation To Human Milk Banks
breast milk pumping

Breast milk pumping is a great option if your baby is unable to latch; also if you want to donate excess breast milk for babies deprived of it.

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Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Easy Or Possible For New Moms; Stop Shaming Them!
The real test after birthing. #MedicalMisogyny

I woke up at 5 in the evening and was only scared of one thing: Will I be able to breastfeed my son? Thankfully, I could breastfeed, and my baby latched well!

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‘So What If The Baby Cries? All Babies Do…’ The Neonatologist Said About My Hungry 2 Day Old!

If this could happen to me, a professionally trained doctor myself, and a strong, independent woman, I shudder to think of what other women face.

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Breast Milk Donation Was A Beautiful Thing I Did Which Dignified My Motherhood
breast milk donation

Breast milk donation helps babies deprived of it - preterm, weak babies, motherless babies, babies whose moms couldn't lactate.

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Why Do We Call A Vaginal Birth A ‘Normal’ Delivery? Or Shame Moms Who Couldn’t?
vaginal birth

Calling a vaginal birth a 'normal' or 'natural' birth was probably appropriate years ago when Caesarian births were rare, in an emergency.

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