Breast Milk Donation Was A Beautiful Thing I Did Which Dignified My Motherhood

Breast milk donation helps babies deprived of it - preterm, weak babies, motherless babies, babies whose moms couldn't lactate.

Fortunately, I began my breastfeeding journey in the golden hour – the first few hours after baby’s birth. It is essential for every new born to be fed in that hour, as the mother’s colostrum has maximum level of antibodies that time, and it acts as a lifesaving shield for the babies, protecting them from various illness.

A month down the lane, my breastfeeding journey wasn’t smooth as it began. My baby had latching issues and I didn’t have proper guidance to solve it. Hence, I began to pump the milk and fed my baby with the expressed milk.

Pumping at regular intervals increased my milk supply, and I stored the excess milk in the refrigerator. Eventually, my fridge was flooded with bottles of breastmilk, and I was clueless of what to do with them.

Donating the excess was a solution

When I shared this with my friend (who was a new mum too), she introduced me to the concept of ‘Breast Milk Donation’.

My first thought on hearing it was – ‘Breast milk is something that establishes a deep connection between me and my baby, why would I want to donate it or share it with someone? Even so, would anyone agree to feed their babies with the donated milk?’

Amidst the reluctance and refusal, popped a curiosity to know how breast milk donation actually works. My friend guided me to a lactation specialist who educated me on the human milk bank, breast milk donation process and its significance.

Many babies are deprived of breast milk

I learnt from the specialist that there are many babies deprived of breastmilk – preterm babies, babies who are weak by birth, babies who lost their mothers, babies whose moms couldn’t lactate due to health reasons etc., and the donated milk will be used to feed those babies. Though there are many formulae substitutes available in the market, breast milk plays a greater role in preventing gastrointestinal diseases (which could be life threatening) in premature babies.

Upon understanding how this donated milk will serve its purpose, I religiously donated my excess breast milk.

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Sadly, many people, including the ones in the medical field, are unaware of the milk banks and the milk donation process. Even people with awareness aren’t ready to step forward because of the hesitation and denial to donate or accept the breast milk.

If you believe in blood donation, why not breast milk donation?

While blood banks and blood donations are greatly acknowledged, milk banks and milk donations are hardly endorsed! Every new born deserves a healthy start.

Let’s widen our vision and think beyond the horizon to break the taboo and reach out to the needy.

Dear mommies, beast milk donation is all about giving your excess milk. Ensure that your baby is full enough before you donate. After all, the more we give, the more we are bestowed with.

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