Achievement Is All About The Small Efforts We Put In

Achievement is not about gaining the materialistic standards of the society, but the continuous efforts we make in our lives every day.

Have you ever experienced an inner spark to achieve something widely and greatly in life?

And all of a sudden you wanted to move mighty mountains, control global warming, stop the Russia-Ukraine war, or do something similar to be headline news all over the world?

Many of us would have been through that phase. And eventually, we would let those desires fade off in a short period, which may be too short until the next meal or nap. But we do have that deep-rooted wish to be an achiever in life.

The word achievement, by the dictionary definition, means — a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.

But what does it mean in this fancy world? An award, a medal, a promotion in career, a little appreciation from society, and notable popularity in social media?

We idolize famous personalities as our role models and wish to achieve as high as them. We feel that we have achieved something in life only when someone praises us, or only when our efforts are recognized publicly.

But the simplest fact is, there are many common people around us achieving in life daily.

Just go out on an early morning walk. You could find roadside vendors ready for business with their products. Though their daily income is meagre, they don’t get fed up with their jobs. They work hard every day to take care of their family expenses.

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Isn’t that an achievement?

The next time you pass through a construction site, take a look at the labourers working there. They work hard physically, especially women, all through the day, unmindful of the hot sun, to pay school or college fees for their children.

Isn’t that an achievement?

You go to a shopping mall or big shops for purchases. You will see women working late hours, sacrificing their family time, to make an earning. Isn’t that an achievement?

Travelling on a train? You could see handicapped people selling toys or small items for their living, with an intent to stand on their own legs. Isn’t that an achievement?

Our house-help works in multiple houses every day, in addition to taking care of her household and children. Isn’t that an achievement?

The sewage workers, the garbage truck drivers, employees on daily wages, cobblers, tailors, nurses, military employees, etc.—people of every profession who strive hard to stand on their own legs are achievers.

Turn to your home, and you will witness your mother take care of the dishes in addition to dealing with her boss at work. Isn’t that an achievement?

As well, a home-maker puts in all her efforts to blend the house into a beautiful home. Isn’t that an achievement?

Not just others, when it comes to you:

  • Every time you decide to show up despite being knocked off several times is an achievement.
  • Every time you muster the courage to speak up for yourself, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you choose a healthy lifestyle option, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you decide not to judge people and instead empathize with them during their struggles, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you strive hard to keep up your commitments, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you don’t blame others for what happened, instead take the responsibility yourself, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you decide to respect the differences between you and your partner, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you decide not to question ‘How can a person think/be like this?’, rather understand that it’s their choice, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you combat miserable moments and depression, yet rise again with a bang, it’s an achievement.
  • Every time you strive hard to become a better person than the previous day, it’s an achievement.

And the list goes on and on!

Achievement is not about degree, profession, job designation, status, money, wealth, etc. You needn’t be the cover story of a magazine or climb up the stage and receive an award to be an achiever. It is not about the great heights we reach, it is all about the small efforts we put in to reach that height.

Pat your back for all your selfless contributions to make yours and someone else’s life better. Though you may not be a public figure, you are an achiever too.

Image source: fizkes via Getty Images, free on CanvaPro

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