Sofia L

Sofia L

I have been an aspiring writer for a while now. I realize I am happiest when I am either writing or reading. I want to continue that route to happiness by contributing and reading what all the different amazing woman here have to tell.

Voice of Sofia L

I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of This Elite Women’s Club That Puts Other Women Down

We are all members of the Elitist Club, the club of women who are conditioned to put down other women. But - our future lies in being united as women.

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egg shell dance
Why The Indian Woman Feels Compelled To Do The Egg Shell Dance Every Day!

The Egg Shell dance - a dance most Indian women are conditioned to do around their men and in laws, so that their life can be good or even tolerable.

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strong, independent woman
I’m Not Dependent On My Husband, Which Probably Makes Him Feel He Can Take Me For Granted

Men seem to love dependence in their women, as this writer has realised over a lifetime of being a strong, independent woman. Unfair standards?

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Khalil Gibran's feminism
Khalil Gibran’s Lines On Marriage Epitomize Modern Feminism, Even If Written Almost A Century Ago

Khalil Gibran's feminism, in his book The Prophet, is startling in its modernity, even though written almost a century ago, and could teach us a few things.

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one last try
One Last Try [#ShortStory]

I always thought of women as being there to serve us men. To love us, to care for us, to give us their lives. I was never told otherwise and I never bothered to find out either.

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women are women's worst enemies
Here’s Why The Belief ‘Women Are Women’s Worst Enemies!’ Is A Result Of Patriarchy

We hear this so often - 'women are women's worst enemies'! No! Here's why this is a popular perception - and it has everything to do with patriarchy.

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A Moment Of Love Here, A Lifetime Of Compromises There – How I Was Conditioned To Be A Docile Wife

Despite being an educated woman, I fell for the conditioning that made me yield to my family's subtle sexism, waking up to it only in my 40s.

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Living With Over Involved Parents: A Mother’s Story

A mother writes an interesting account of her life, living with over involved parents around.

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