Varsha Pillai

Varsha Pillai is a former television journalist who quit the fast lane in media when she moved to the erstwhile 'laid back city' called Bangalore. She earnestly believes that she can ‘write stories that people will want to read’. When she is not busy playing with her daughter, she dabbles in writing. She currently heads the communications team at a not-for-profit.

Voice of Varsha Pillai

Tarabai Shinde & Stree Purush Tulana: Honouring India’s Earliest Known Literary Feminist

One of India's earliest feminists, Tarabai Shinde wrote the pioneering Stree Purush Tulana that challenged religion and patriarchy.

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fear of feminism
I Wear My Feminism Openly & Either Get Mocked Or Feared. We Need To Question Society’s Fear Of Feminism!

Where does this fear of feminism come from? Some fear shaking up the status quo, but many wrongly believe feminism equates male bashing, which is not true!

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Kamla Bhasin
Remembering Kamla Bhasin: Rest In Power!

Kamla Bhasin one of India's foremost feminist died in the early hours of 25th Sept 2021. A women's rights activist, her life is a testimony towards her work on gender and women's rights.

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Looking At My Daughter, I Can Proudly Say, I Am Raising A Feminist Ally At Home!

As a feminist, I have always tried to raise my daughter as one too. Here are some ways, I am raising her to be a feminist ally.

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NCW member victim blaming
Do Indian Women Have Any Hope If Even NCW Officials Meant To Help Are Victim Blaming Us?

Why did she go out in the evening alone? This was the shocking question NCW member Chandramukhi Devi asked about the Badaun rape & murder victim.

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Lest They Remember…

The big building was done. They had thought of everything - the wooden cabinets, sleek silver chairs, drapes. No more Sarkari shadows for this government office building.

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Critics Of #Metoo Need To Remember: This Is Not About Victimhood, It Is About Catharsis!

Many common criticisms of #meToo focus on the 'poor men' who now have to watch their behaviour. It's time to put the focus back where it's needed - on women who have always faced harassment and never had the opportunity to speak up.

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