Lest They Remember…

The big building was done. They had thought of everything - the wooden cabinets, sleek silver chairs, drapes. No more Sarkari shadows for this government office building.

The big building was done. They had thought of everything – the wooden cabinets, sleek silver chairs, drapes. No more Sarkari shadows for this government office building.

The floors shone unlike the regular dull grey tiles that one finds in government buildings. This one was going to be different. It had state of the art security systems in place. Everyone had their own desk made of compressed wood. All so swish na? No more of those big grey dull shelves. Everything would now be digitized you see, we have the computer.

Oh but attendance tho you have to write in the register, no Biometric yet, or the iris/pupil recognition thingy. Also, the noise of the busy traffic did seep in and the lift was a trifle slow, but somethings gotta give, right? Everything else was just theek! It was perfect. There was a small pantry where the employees could walk in to make their own chai, but no one in a government office would ever do that. The office boy or the chai lady would do it. So yeah the building was ready for the steady trickle of employees who would lay claim to this new office.

A friend walked in and said it looked different and had an ajeeb smell. But that could mean ajeeb as in being different right? Different is good. And if it is different then it should be great na. She had her doubts though. It was her workplace, or so she thought. Everything went about a little smoothly. The chai came on time. The office lady dusted and mopped with a smile. The files were dealt with effortlessly. Work went on.

Till one day, she had her periods. She realized that the office that had catered to (al)most all of her needs, had forgotten that she bled once a month and that sanitary napkins had to be disposed of, but they had no idea, how that should happen. You say they said with a grin, we had only men till now. Oh wow! They wondered, how do we deal with this. My friend asked the office lady, what do you do during those four days of the month? With a sigh she answered, we go home and come back. Different rules for you and me, she answered with a dull smile. But it’s wrong, she said. The office lady walked on. Her head nodding away. She had work to do.

Edifices are built brick by brick

Keep up the momentum, that’s the trick

The facade’s all in place

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As long as you don’t enter the race

We want you with us

As long as you don’t want a seat on the bus

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No matter that our minds are afar.

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