Tarannum Nazma Shaikh

Tarannum is a feminist who is currently pursuing her CA. She loves to read, write, and watch movies. Cooks rarely, eats more than regularly. And is always trying hard to behave her age.

Voice of Tarannum Nazma Shaikh

The Great Indian Kitchen on Prime
The Great Indian Kitchen On Prime Now; Men Have No More Excuse Not To Watch

The Great Indian Kitchen, an in-your-face portrayal of our lives is surprising and not surprising, and I want every man to see this - it's now on Prime, guys, so what's your excuse?

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Sir movie
Due To His Upper Class Male Privilege, He Didn’t Realise That Gossip About Them Bothered Her

Sir - is love enough? A brilliant, award winning movie that shows love across the class barriers that we take for granted, and a must watch on Netflix.

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These 2 Powerful Web Series Show How Women Feel The Pain Of A Sexual Assault Survivor

Sexual assault. We've all been there, in various degrees, so recognition of and empathy to a survivor comes naturally to most women.

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Why Do So Many Women Seek Validation For Their Choices & Actions In Online Groups?

Many women speak about their choices and lives in online groups that are safe spaces, mostly to seek validation, even though they know the answer. A case of strong conditioning?

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Let Me Tell You About A Million Indian Women; One Of Them Could Be You

We're all different, and yet, we all face similar issues, in maybe different ways. But we are all Indian women, fighting the same enemy - patriarchy.

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You’re A Feminist? Ask Yourself If Your Feminism Is Selective Or Inclusive

Even 'feminists' often don't include all women in their feminism. Don't believe me? Read how the author calls out the hypocrisy.

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5 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Raise Our Kids The Way We Were Raised

The new generations of kids live in a very different world from what we grew up in, and it's time we took a hard look at our parenting.

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why didn't you leave earlier
“Why Didn’t You Leave Earlier?” Is The Wrong Question To Ask A Woman In An Abusive Marriage

A lot of questions are directed at women who choose to leave abusive marriages. But the primary and somehow most important question still seems to be why didn't you leave earlier?

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is hijab a choice
The Hijab Can Only Be A “Choice” If Women In Iran Are Also Given It!

The hijab is considered a 'choice' in most of the west, and celebrated as such. But is it really a choice until it is mandatory for Muslim women in many other parts of the world?

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Recent Draconian Abortion Ban Bill In US About Control Of Women’s Bodies, Who Cares About Them?!

The recent abortion ban passed by US states like Alabama & Georgia say more about men wanting to control women's bodies than about care for the unborn lives.

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