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Recent Draconian Abortion Ban Bill In US About Control Of Women’s Bodies, Who Cares About Them?!

Posted: May 20, 2019

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The recent abortion ban passed by US states like Alabama & Georgia say more about men wanting to control women’s bodies than about care for the unborn lives.

Imagine a 11 year old girl. Gone missing.

Imagine a 26 year old man. Picking the girl off the street. Locks her up in the bedroom closet. Rapes her continuously up until the police are able to trace her. Is behind bars and put up for rape charges.
The girl falls pregnant.

Now in a proper healthy world, rape wouldn’t exist. But if it were to be neglected and we were to spiral downwards to a harsher world, the rape happens. So the girl forever is ‘stained’ by that assault. Not just in the eyes of a patriarchal society, but also PTSD, depression, suicidal tendencies. You name it, and rape victims have on record said that they’ve experienced it.

But what happens when the victims become pregnant?

What happens when along with the mental trauma, you’re faced with your body’s reactions to the trauma too.

It’s now ideally everyone’s utmost priority to make a secure environment for the girl. ‘Coz clearly a 11 year old can’t possibly fathom the possibility of bearing a child, let alone birthing one. So what do you do? You give her the right to ABORTION.

But you see, this is happening in a harsher world that is already on a downward spiral. And to add to that, the directions for the downward spiral are given by MEN whilst they hold RELIGION as their flagpost. So naturally, the outcome that stands is that abortion (after 6 weeks) is illegal.

Not an underdeveloped nation, but a first world country!

Now all of this happening in a first world country, the US of A, the ‘star influencer’ for the rest of the world. The MVP of the western culture. The flag bearer of “what happens in first world countries that sets them apart?”

Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Arkansas and Alabama recently have had nearly all abortions banned. So the women of these states can no longer get ‘safe abortions’ done and not risk their lives. Whether the pregnancy is by rape, incest or consensual sex, all abortions are banned. In other words, the states are no longer interested in the children killed in schools or lying unhealthy in foster care, or shooting down ‘pregnant’ black women or other women of colour. The state now commands their uterus.

So what happens with this bill being passed?

Of course rape and assaults continue. Because that’s not their interest area as you must have noticed. But the women or children falling pregnant no longer have the option of abortion, even due to economical, financial or mental conditions.

Does the state take care of the pre-natal or post -natal care for the mother and child?

Does the state arrange for facilities if the women were to give up the child upon birth?

Does the state ensure if the child were to grow up, it would not be shot down on a Monday morning in a school hallway, even as this child’s life is so important v/s a woman’s right to her body?
Hell no. Gun rights are constitutional rights.

This is the state of a first world country!

Millions of women’s health is being put at risk because WHITE REPUBLICAN MEN can’t mind their own business. Because these men are convinced it’s completely possible to avoid getting raped.

It’s completely possible to have an active sexual life but also be aware that the women bear a higher risk for this lifestyle with the possibility of childbirth being forced upon them.

Mind you, none of these senates care about children. Whether unborn or not. No active laws have been amended for gun control that has killed children in the USA majorly. Black women are shot when they are pregnant. Pregnant. Willfully. Actively pregnant. Unborn child concern? Zero fucks given.

All of this screams of dystopian society. Draconian laws and control over women’s body. Whilst they scream in agony and collect money for illegal abortions. Women forming underground rail road networks pretending to be distant aunts to provide access into states with legal abortions.

Collective screams.
Collective help.
Collective resistance.

The bills are challenged in the high courts. But for the major part, the regressive laws are being welcomed by fist bumps.

The ship is sailing backwards.

The Handmaid’s Tale is no longer on paper alone.

This is a war on women.

A version of this was first published on the author’s Facebook page.

Image source: Pixabay

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